Has your Unit registered for Hoadley Hide?

The next event in Venturers Victoria's 'Big 5' is coming up this Easter - has your Unit registered a team?

The FARSCOUT Recruitment Team invite ALL Venturers to join us this Easter and complete our Astronaut training program. Venturers will be completely self-sufficient, hiking between our different training stations where they'll learn all the skills necessary for our first manned Mission to Mars.

In addition, Venturers who complete the training program can receive their Venturing Skills and Initiative badges.

Don't worry if you can't find another three to five intrepid Venturers to come along with you, as the FARSCOUT team will be able to find you a team for your mission to Mars.

We also encourage Venturer Leaders to join us for the weekend - come spend a fun weekend with other VL's and help train our Astronaut Recruits!

For more information and to register click here.

As a signing on BONUS if you refer another eligible friend, FARSCOUT will provide you with FREE breakfast on the Monday morning of your mission.

See you at Hoadley Hide 2019: Mission To Mars!

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