The natural environment is at the very heart of Scouting, as emphasised by Baden Powell – “The man who is blind to the beauties of Nature has missed half the pleasure of life”. We want Scouts to enjoy everything this amazing planet has to offer, and we are determined not to destroy it in the process.

Our charter, badges and programs are designed to develop Scouts who ‘care for the environment’, and the ongoing Youth Program Review will continue this theme.

There are many simple activities that can inspire Scouts to care for the environment - developing their environmental knowledge, pro-environmental behaviour, and affinity for the natural environment. Scouts can also engage in camps and community activities that have environmental themes or aspects.

The Victorian Scout Environment Team

The State Environment Team develops activities and resources to assist Leaders to deliver environmental programs. Our Scout Environment Charter encourages Scouts to ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’, a sentiment that can apply to many of your Group’s programs. We’re also committed to minimal impact practices across the organisation.

Are you interested in running an environmental event? Need a bit more support to make it happen? Want to show off your event to Scouts across Victoria? Let us know!


State Commissioner - Environment

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