Patrol Activity Camping - Gilwell Park

Patrol Activities are a key part of the Scout Program. Gilwell Park offers regularly scheduled Patrol Camps which are available for Scouts.

Gilwell Park Patrol Camping provide all camping and activity equipment and Scouts only need to come with their food, personal items and their completed health form.

These camps can assist Scouts to pass the various sections of their test work. Some of Gilwell Park's Patrol Camps are structured to enable Scouts to earn the Communications, Pioneer/Explorer Environment Badges and World Scout Environment Badges if all the activities are completed.

Welding, Forge and Electronics March 28-29
Environment May 2-3
Rogaining and Orienteering June 6-7
First Aid July 18-19
Rogaining and Orienteering August 8-9
Welding, Forge and Electronics September 5-6
JOTA October 16-18
Environment November 14-15

All camping equipment is provided. Scouts need only bring their personal gear and some items to support the activities they take part in. **Excludes JOTA

For more information and bookings contact

Please download the Booking Form, complete and forward it to together with payment for chosen camp/s. Payment is to be made via EFT Payment to BSB 633000 Account 112450085 in the name of Gilwell Park Patrol Activity Camping Unit. Please email us the receipt. We will email you a booking confirmation along with instructions on what Scouts are to bring and how to get to Gilwell Park.

Rubbish Free Camping at Gilwell

Gilwell Park is a rubbish free camping area and to meet this requirement Patrols are asked to take their rubbish home with them in suitable containers - we recommend Patrols separate recyclables from rubbish.

Help Gilwell Park's environment by bringing your own firewood.

Camping equipment is available for hire (for use at Gilwell Park) for non-Patrol Activity weekends.

Join the Team

Patrol Camping Team at Gilwell Park currently has six members who provide nine fun learning activity camps for Scouts.  

Patrol Camping at Gilwell Park has its own building and all camping equipment which supports Scouts with their camp craft and therefore helps youth to pass parts of their award scheme.

Nine camps are run each year with the range of activities that include, camp craft, environment, mapping and rogaining, trade skills of welding, forge, soldering, rope making, and communications.

The team is always looking for experience Scout Leaders who are interested in helping Scouts learn and enjoy a range of activities and camp craft being provided as part of the year’s program.   As there are no regular week night commitments its ideal for Scout Leaders who can no longer attend week night meetings but who still wishes to participate in youth development. Membership and insurance fees are paid from the team's funds.

During the August and September camps the team plan the following year’s activity program.

If you are interested please contact

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