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  • Potential Jamboree Scout Leader Day (in person)- Q StoreFebruary 20 or Wallan Scout Hall February 21
  • Jamboree Scout Leader Orientation Day and Troop Announcement- June 20
  • All Leader Orientation Day- September 19

Prospective JSL Zoom Presentations  

Prospective Jamboree Scout Leader In Person  

This will be happening in February or March 2021.  

The Contingent Council is arranging a special program to help prospective Jamboree Scout Leaders to prepare for the 26th Australian Jamboree. The day will be an   opportunity for you to personally meet with all of the Contingent Council members and will include discussions, displays, some activities and importantly, interchange of ideas. The majority of the day will be facilitated by experienced JTLs. 

More information on this day will come early in 2021

Local Launch Resources for download 

Please log your launch here

Your invitation to AJ2022

AJ2019 highlights!

Mutant Camels

”Mutant Camels do AJ2022” is an eight-part comedy series about the ups and downs of a Patrol preparing for AJ2022. 

Mutant Camels episode one

Patrols like the Mutant Camels are already gearing up for AJ 2022.

That’s the 26th Australian Jamboree, at Elmore, Victoria, in January 2022.

Mutant Camels episode two

Patrols like the Mutant Camels are already gearing for AJ 2022. That’s the 26th Australian Jamboree, at Elmore, Victoria, in January 2022. 


Mutant Camels episode three

The Mutant Camels are thinking fundraising in the latest episode of their journey to AJ2019.

Mutant Camels episode four

The Mutant Camels are going off-screen, and chasing adventure. 

This is a taste of what’s to come at the Jamboree at Elmore in January 2022. 

Mutant Camels episode five

The Mutant Camels are meeting in the Q-store to plan their Jamboree gear. 

And Britney has a surprise gift for Scub. It’s episode 5 of one Patrol’s journey to Elmore in January 2022. Share their ideas!

Mutant Camels episode six

Episode 6 of the Mutant Camel Patrol’s journey to AJ 2022, the 26th Australian Jamboree. You can watch and share all episodes!

Mutant Camels episode seven

In episode 7 of the Mutant Camels, the Patrol is on camp, but looking forward to AJ 2022 entertainment. And Kyle shares a Big Secret!

Mutant Camels episode eight

It’s the final episode of the Mutant Camels’ journey to the Jamboree. It’s time to confirm their Jamboree Patrol Leader. But first, they have to deal with a Linking Cub – why weren’t they warned about preparing eligible Cubs for AJ 2022?

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