Cuboree X and COVID-19

On this page, we will regularly update information about how we are managing COVID risks for Cuboree. LAST UPDATED: 28th March 2021


All adults attending Cuboree must watch a COVIDSafe Training Video prepared by Scouts Victoria. This can accessed here: COVIDSafe Major Event Training 


The COVIDSafe Event Plan was registered with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, with confirmation from the Victorian Government that the event can proceed.

The Cuboree COVIDSafe Event Plan can be downloaded here: CUBOREE COVID PLAN

Can Cuboree run during the COVID crisis?

Yes, it can. Through changes to how the event runs, we can minimise the risk to all participants.

The many volunteers on the Cuboree team have been working with the Scouts Victoria COVID Response team, the State Commissioner for Risk and state government departments on this. A key aspect of this is the development of an overarching COVIDSafe Event plan, similar to what schools, businesses and other public events create. For Cuboree, we are classed as a tier 2 event. In addition to the major plan, there will be specific sub-plans for each team and activity at Cuboree.  These outline what must be done to align with the tier 2 plan which is approved by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) prior to the event.

A draft of the COVIDSafe Event plan has been prepared and will be updated by the Cuboree Directors with the State Commissioner for Risk in the first 2 weeks of February. It will then be provided to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for approval.

Once the COVIDSafe Event plan has been approved, it will be available on this page.

What can I expect at Cuboree?

  • Cubs will be in a camping unit of 30 youth and 8 adults (leaders and cooks). This is a smaller size than previous Cuborees. This is an important grouping that will stay together for all aspects of Cuboree. - REVISED 15/2/2021
  • The maximum number of Cubs per tent is 15 (the recommended maximum is 6 per tent). - REVISED 10/2/2021
  • Meals will be prepared in the camping unit.
  • Activity bases and sub-bases are redesigned to work with outdoor activity groupings. It is expected that 3 camping units will make up an activity group of less than 100 participants (Cub Scouts).
  • Cleaning routines within the activities will be a key requirement.
  • Schedules will be in place for the cleaning of amenities such as bathrooms and showers.
  • Activities are designed to minimise queueing.
  • Larger gatherings will be modified. This may impact the format of opening, closing and concert nights.
  • Spare time activities can be run by leaders in their camping unit area.
  • Service Leader meal formats will be redesigned to remove buffet-style serving and dining will be in marquees rather than inside.
  • A team will be responsible for the training of leaders in COVID-related requirements. This will include the allocation of COVID Marshals who will ensure the precautions are implemented across the event.

What health precautions are being taken at Cuboree?

The Cuboree event will have a dedicated medical centre, staffed by health professionals. These professionals are involved in preparing their COVIDSafe sub-plan specific to the medical needs of the event.

But the Australian Jamboree was cancelled? How can Cuboree run?

The Australian Jamboree (AJ2022) was cancelled due to financial risks for the interstate and international travellers, not due to health risks. This was outlined by Phil Harrison, the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia:

Cuboree X is a Victorian-only event on a smaller scale than Jamboree and does not carry the same financial risks.

Usually, we have Cub contingents from the ACT, NSW, Tasmania and Queensland attend. We made the difficult decision to not include interstate contingents this year, to minimise the financial risk to them (if, say, state borders were closed at short notice). We hope they will be able to return at the next Cuboree (in September 2023).

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