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Please find below some frequently asked questions about Cuboree.


Cub Scout


Venturer / Rover Who's not a Leader


Leader / Rover who's also a Leader / Adult Helper / Rostered Parent


Part-time Leader / Adult Helper / Rostered Parent


$100.00 For the first night
$50.00 For each subsequent night

All attendees are required to complete a registration and attend for a minimum of one night.

A deposit of 50% of the total fee is required to be made at the time the application has been approved by the Group Leader.

The remaining 50% of the total fee is to be paid in full by no later than Monday, July 13th 2020.


If after making application, you are unable to attend the Cuboree, you must advise the Cuboree Council in writing as soon as possible

  • Before June 30th, 2020 - You will receive a full refund on any money paid.
  • Between June 30th, 2020 and July 31st, 2020 - You will receive a full refund on any money paid, less $100.00
  • Between August 1st, 2020 and August 31st, 2020 - You will receive a full refund on any money paid, less $300.00
  • After August 31st, 2020 - No refund at all except in the case of exceptional circumstances.

All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, as each case shall be considered by the Cuboree Council.

So... how do I get my PIN?

On this webpage, click on the “Get my PIN” button that is under the Cuboree logo. This will take you to a webpage where you will enter your contact details. This is matched to your membership record with Scouts Victoria. If a match is found, an email will be sent to the primary contact listed in the membership record. The email will contain your PIN, membership number and a link to login to create your application form.

My email address is wrong/I haven't received my PIN, what do I do?

Having the correct email address is important, as without a valid email address, you cannot receive your PIN and apply for Cuboree. Email addresses can easily be changed by contacting either your Group Leader or Membership Support. Unfortunately, the Cuboree Admin team cannot change the email address on file for you. 

Once your Scouts Victoria membership record is updated and your email details are correct you can request the Cuboree PIN by clicking on the "Get My PIN" button on this webpage.

What photo ID is acceptable for the application?

You will need to upload a photo of the applicant before your application will be approved by your Group Leader. The photo may be used for identification purposes at Cuboree by welfare or medical teams. A photo taken on a smartphone or camera is fine but must be a head-and-shoulders shot of the person looking directly at the camera. Guidelines can be found here (Cuboree X - Photo Guide)

At previous events, we have had to reject photos and contact applicants to get a better image. Problem photos have included group photos, youth in dress-ups, face-paint or costumes, and photos that are too far away. You can help us out by ensuring the photo is appropriate.

Where/How do I upload a photo?

If you log back into your application, in the 'Applicant Details' tab there is an 'Applicant Details' heading. Directly under the heading there is a blue picture, directly under that is a link 'Upload Photo'.  Click on that link, and follow the prompts to upload a photo.

I registered, but I haven't received an invoice, did I do everything correctly?

Once you have registered, your Group Leader needs to log in and accept the application. Once this is done you will be emailed the invoice.

I am a GL / LIC, how do I Accept applications?

You will need to log in using the “G.L. Login” button on this page under the Cuboree logo. Use your Extranet username and password as your credentials.

You accept applications the same way you have done for previous Kangarees, Cuborees and Jamborees. – For more information, here is a pdf document with step by step instructions to help you through the process.

My child requires a carer, how do they register?

  1. Please discuss with your Cub Scout Leader or Group Leader this requirement, so they are aware of your circumstances.
  2. Two Cuboree applications are required:
  • One for the Cub
  • One for the adult carer
  1. When registering your Cub, be sure to tick that a carer will be attending and include the name of the carer.
  2. The carer must be registered with Scouts Victoria, hold a Working With Children Check and have completed the Child Safe Scouting eLearning Module. Your Group Leader will assist with this. Once the carer has their registration number, they can apply online.
  3. The carer will need to complete a separate Cuboree online application. They should apply as soon as possible after submission of the Cub’s application.
  4. When completing the carer’s application, under Work Preferences “Have you already accepted a service or activity leader role?” click on the “Yes” button. New entry fields will display.
  5. Select “Other: Specify” for the role type.
  6. In the “Details of Other” text box, enter “Carer for [youth name]”.


The system requires I list a home phone number, but I only have a mobile, what do I do?

If you only have a mobile phone, please put your mobile phone number in both the Home and Mobile Fields.

My Cub will be 11 years old before Cuboree starts, can they still come?

Cuboree is open to all current, registered Cub Scouts born on or after the 28th of September 2009. We maintain the upper age for Cuboree as most older Cub Scouts will benefit more from the challenges offered by linking to the Scout section. Requests for over-age applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and approval would only be granted for exceptional circumstances.

Can Parents come?

Parent helpers are more than welcome, provided they have approval from their Group Leader.  It is expected that parents attending are doing so to assist their Pack with catering or helping at Cuboree with activities or other service areas, and as such will be assigned a role during Cuboree. Parent helpers must be registered with Scouts Victoria, hold a Working With Children Check and have completed the mandatory eLearning Modules. Once they have their registration number, they can apply online.

View the Child Safe Scouting Policy for Major events here.

I’m a leader (with or without a bunch of Cubs) from Interstate, can I come too?

Yes, we're happy to have Interstate Leaders and Cubs attend!

Please email the Cuboree Team with your contact details and we will be in touch. 

I'm a Rover and I'm also a Leader, what fee will I be charged? Or I have been charged the wrong fee, what should I do?

Rovers who are also Leaders, and are working in Pack Lines will be charged the Leader Fee.  Rovers who are also Leaders, who are working in another area will be charged the Rover Fee.  The adjustment to the Rover fee needs to be done manually.  If you believe that you have been charged the incorrect fee, please email us, and we will look into it. This only applies to Rovers who are also Leaders. Rovers who aren't Leaders are automatically charged the Rover fee.

Does Kangaree count for my camp out badge?

No. The Camp Out badge requires 2 consecutive nights of camping and must be completed with your Cub Pack.

When are the payments due?

A deposit of 50% of the total fee is required to be made at the time the application has been approved by the Group Leader.

The remaining 50% of the total fee is to be paid in full by no later than Monday, July 13th 2020.

When do applications close?

For Cub Scouts, applications close on the 30th of June 2020.

For all others, applications close on the 31st of August 2020.

No extension to these dates will be possible.

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