Cuboree X Resources

Below are links to communications and resources relating to Cuboree X (2021).

Cuboree X Logo (Jan 2021) - Updated to say "2021"

Cuboree X Banner (Jan 2021) - Updated to say "2021"

Cuboree: The Board Game! (Jan 2020) - Best printed in A3 colour. The first 2 pages are the double-sided card deck, followed on page 3 by the board game graphic

Cuboree Fridge Magnet (Jun 2019)

Parent Letter (Oct 2019)

Cub Scout Postcard with Camp Out Badge requirements (Oct 2019)

Child Safe Scouting at Major Events

Leaders - Cuboree introduction letter (Nov 2019)

Group Leaders - how to review and accept Cuboree applications (Jul 2019)

Hall Poster - Cuboree Information (Nov 2019)

Hall Poster - Camp Out Badge Tracker (Nov 2019)

The Camp Out Badge requirements


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