Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Questions

Who Can Attend Kangaree 2018?

Joey Scouts:

To be eligible to attend Kangaree 2018 your Joey Scout must be a current, registered member of Scouts Victoria and have been born on or after the 17th March 2010.

The Joey Scout must be considered by their parents/guardians and Joey Scout Leader to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the Kangaree.

It is recommended that the Joey Scout attended at least one sleepover with their Mob prior to attending Kangaree.


Other attendees must be registered Members of Scouts Victoria as a Venturer, Rover, Leader, Adult Helper, Group Rostered Parent or Office Bearer.

They must have a current Working with Children Check and must have completed the Child Safe Scouting eLearning module.

Can Parents come?

Parent helpers are welcome, provided they have approval from their Group Leader.  Parent helpers must be registered with Scouts Victoria, hold a Working with Children Check and have completed the Child Safe Scouting eLearning Module. Once they have their registration number, they can apply online.

View the Child Safe Scouting Policy for Major events here.

My Joey will be 8 years old before Kangaree starts, can they still come?

To be eligible to attend Kangaree 2018 your Joey Scout must have been born on or after the 17th March 2010.


So... how do I get my PIN?

To apply for Kangaree click here

You will be asked to enter your Post Code, First Name, Surname and Date of Birth.  Once the information entered has been validated by the system, an email will be sent to the email address on file with a PIN and instructions on how to apply.

Where/How do I upload a photo?

If you log back into your application, in the 'Applicant Details' tab there is an 'Applicant Details' heading. Directly under the heading there is a blue picture, directly under that is a link 'Upload Photo'.  Click on that link, and follow the prompts to upload a photo.

The system is demanding I list a home phone number, but I only have a mobile, what do I do?

If you only have a mobile phone, please put your mobile phone number in both the Home and Mobile Fields.

My email address is wrong/I haven't received my PIN, what do I do?

Email addresses can easily be changed by contacting either your Group Leader or Membership Support. Unfortunately, we cannot change the email address on file for you. Having the correct email address is important, as without a valid email address, you cannot apply for Kangaree.

Application Management Questions

I am a GL / LIC, how do I Accept applications?

Click here to log into the management system with your Extranet credentials.  You accept applications the same way you have done for previous Kangarees, Cuborees and Jamborees. – For more information, here is a pdf document with step by step instructions to help you through the process. (It's from a previous Cuboree, but the process is the same)

Where do I find a list of PINs for my eligible members?

From AJ2013 onwards the system was changed to remove access to other members PINs.  Members are able to generate and reset their own PIN if required. Click here to reset your PIN.

Finance Questions

I registered, but I haven't received an invoice, did I do everything correctly?

Your invoice won't generate until your Group Leader / LIC approves your application.  If you haven't received your invoice, please speak to your Group Leader!

When are the payments due?

The first payment (50%), is due when the application has been accepted by the Group Leader / LIC, and the balance is due no later than the 4th of March 2018. 

What happens if I need to cancel my application?

If, after making an application, you are unable to attend the Kangaree, you must advise the Chief Director in writing as soon as possible (email: info@kangaree.com.au)

If you withdraw:

  • Before March 4th, 2018 - You will receive a full refund on any money paid.
  • Between March 4th, 2018 and March 10th, 2018 - You will receive a full refund on any money paid, less $50.00
  • After March 10th, 2018 - No refund at all except in the case of exceptional circumstances.

All requests must be submitted in writing and each case shall be considered by the Chief Director of Kangaree 2018.

General Questions

When and where is the Orientation Day?

The Orientation Day was held on Sunday 25th of February at Monash Uni.

Click Here to view the video of the Orientation Day.

I'm a Rover and I'm also a Leader, what fee will I be charged? Or I have been charged the wrong fee, what should I do?

Rovers who are also Leaders, and are working in Mob Lines will be charged the Leader Fee.  Rovers who are also Leaders, who are working in another area will be charged the Rover Fee.  The adjustment to the Rover fee needs to be done manually.  If you believe that you have been charged the incorrect fee, please email us, and we will look into it. This only applies to Rovers who are also Leaders. Rovers who aren't Leaders are automatically charged the Rover fee.

How do I get to and from Kangaree?

All Joey Scouts and their Leaders will travel to Kangaree by bus. The cost for the bus is included in the application fee.

When Will Applications Close?

All applications will close on the 4th of March 2018. No extension to this date will be possible.

Where will Joey Scouts Sleep?

Joey Scouts and their Mob Leaders will be staying in giant pavilions.

What roles can an Adult Helper have at Kangaree?

Adult Helpers may nominate their three role preferences when completing their applications. Adult Helpers may be allocated a role in the Mob lines or they may be helping with activities and other service areas.

Where do Adult Helpers sleep?

Adult Helpers who have a role in the Mob will stay with the Mob. Adult Helpers who have a role outside of the Mob lines will be camping on-site but separate to the Joey Scouts.

Anybody not staying with the Mob will need to provide their own tent.

What should we bring?

Kangaree Kit list

For Joey Scouts and Mob Leaders

Also for Activity Leaders, Service Leaders, Venturers and Rovers



[  ] Full uniform to be worn to and from K5 (Group Scarf to be left at home, Kangaree scarf will be supplied)

[  ] Plastic bag (named) large enough to put all uniform in for safekeeping

Personal Clothing

Please consider the latest weather forecast.

[  ] Jumper (warm)

[  ] Rain coat / water proof, warm jacket

[  ] ``T'' or polo shirt

[  ] Warm shirt

[  ] Underclothing

[  ] Socks

[  ] Change of shoes/boots suitable for activities

[  ] Gumboots (if weather is going to be wet)

[  ] Camp Blanket (optional)


[  ] Towel & soap

[  ] Hair brush & comb

[  ] Tooth brush & paste

Sleeping Gear

[  ] Good quality sleeping bag (NO thin bags, it can be cold at night)

[  ] One pillow & one blanket

[  ] Pyjamas

[  ] Stretcher (preferred -- as the kit bag can go underneath it) or sleeping mat. Single size only please!

Other items

[  ] Day pack -- Small (for activities)

[  ] Water Bottle

[  ] Hat & Sun Screen

[  ] Small torch

[  ] Insect repellent (NON Aerosol)

[  ] Rubbish bags for dirty clothes


N.B. Asthma medication is to be with the Joey Scout in the Joey Scout's pack & NOT the Leaders' pack.

All other Medication & Instructions (including EpiPens) to be named and in a resealable plastic bag which will be carried by J.S.L. in their daypack.


  • Please ensure all gear is clearly named and packed into ONE BAG only please.
  • NO electronic equipment, lollies, or NUT products to be brought to Camp.
  • Please send extra bedding if your child could wet the bed and also advise their Leaders.


Mob leaders - pack an extra bag with:

[  ] Extra sleeping bag(s)

[  ] Plastic bags

[  ] 4-6 tea towels for drying cups

[  ] Texta for naming things

[  ] Rubber-bands for Scarves

Activity Leaders, Service Leaders, Venturers, Rovers - You are Camping:

[  ] Bring your own TENT ! !

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