Resilience Survey

Scouts improves our resilience, right?

Let’s find out for sure!

To assist us in gathering an evidence base to promote the benefits of Scouting, Scouts Victoria in partnership with Resilient Youth Australia sought youth members aged 8 to 18 to complete our Resilience Survey.

Thank you to everyone who has completed, helped others to complete, or promoted the survey. We have now reached the required number of responses to validate the survey results and therefore the survey is now closed.

Check back soon for the results!

BuIlding Resilience in Young People

From time to time, life throws us a curve ball, and we need to call upon our strengths to respond. Resilience is the capacity to draw on these strengths and bounce back.
Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Resilient Youth, discusses how we can build resilience in our youth and set them up for happy and meaningful lives.

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