T's and C's

Eligibility Criteria



  1. Scouts
  • Must not have had their 15th birthday as at 4th January 2019 i.e. Date of Birth after 4th January 2004.
  • No extension to this age limit is allowed
  • Must be a registered and invested Scout
  • Must, by December 2018, hold the Pioneer Badge or in a Pioneer Group have reached Milestone 1 in their badge work, as well as Stage 3 in each of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping
  • Must have camped under canvas as a Scout, for ten nights, at least four of these to be consecutive
  • Must be considered by their parents/guardians and Scout Leader to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the Jamboree
  • Must be recommended by their Group Leader and Troop Council


  1. Venturers

May Apply as Junior Service Leaders

  • Must be registered as a Venturer Scout
  • Must be 15 years of age with at least 6 months service as a Venturer, before the opening day of the Jamboree, and should not have reached their 18 years by the end of the Jamboree, 2019 (ie: Born between 14th January 2001 and 4th January 2004)
  • Must have completed either the Australian Scout Medallion or the Venturing Skills Award or in a Pioneer Group have completed the Introduction to Venturer Scouts badge, as well as Stage 3 in each of Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping
  •  Must have the desire to provide service to Scouts
  • Must be recommended by the Unit Council as being of excellent character, a good role model to Scouts as has the skills and abilities to undertake the activity (or other tasks) nominated on the application form
  • Must have consent from parents/guardians


  1. Rovers
  • Registered members of a Rover Crew at least 18 years of age, but not older than 26 years, at 4th January 2019 will be accepted as Service Leaders


  1. Line Leaders
  • Must hold a Certificate of Adult Leadership and Jamboree Troop Leaders must hold a Wood Badge in the Scout Section at 30th September 2018


  1. Service Leaders and Other Adult Supporters (incl Adult Helpers & ASF)
  • Must hold a Certificate of Adult Membership at 30th September 2018
  • Be approved by the Contingent Leader in line with Victorian Contingent Policy


  1. All adults (including Rovers)
  • Must have completed the Child Safe Scouting eLearning module (or equivalent update module) within 3 years of 14th January 2019
  • Must have completed the Work Health & Safety e learning module within 3 years of 14th January 2019
  • Must have completed a National Police Records Check within 3 years of 14th January 2019
  • Must hold a current Working With Children Check Card
  • Must agree to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct


All Victorian applicants must be part of the Victorian Contingent and pay the Contingent fee

Their Group Leader / LIC or responsible Commissioner must recommend all applicants as suitable members of the Victorian Contingent. The Contingent reserves the right to refuse any application, in which case a full refund will be made.



Applications received after the closing date must be approved by the Victorian Contingent Council.
An additional fee of $100 will apply to any late applications and full payment must be made by 20 August 2018.

Registrations, Approved by GL/LIC

Note: Applications received after Friday, July 26th will incur a $100 late fee.  The amounts outlined below include this fee.

Participant Type


Adult / Rover


Total Cost




Fee instalments are Due at Victorian Contingent HQ by the following dates

Monday 12 March 2018




Wednesday 16 July 2018




Monday 20 August 2018





A rebate of $150 off the total applicable fee will be provided if contingent members travel independently both to and from the Jamboree site.



If after making an application, you are unable to attend the Jamboree, you must advise the Victorian Contingent Leader in writing as soon as possible to claim a refund

  • Claimed before 30th April 2018 Amount paid will be fully refunded
  • Claimed after 30th April 2018 before 31st October 2018 Amount paid will be refunded less $250
  • Claimed after 31st October 2018 No refund at all except in the case of exceptional circumstances. What constitutes exceptional circumstances will be at the sole discretion of the Victorian Contingent Council.



Applications which are not up to date with the payment schedule and you have not had alternative payment arrangements approved by the Victorian Contingent Finance Director your application may be withdrawn and you will need to reapply. Refunds will be considered in accordance with the Application Withdrawal Policy



It is an inherent requirement for adults attending AJ2019 that they be independently capable and willing to perform their assigned role which maybe physically demanding and over an extended period. Adults unable to meet the inherent requirements are invited to discuss their situation with the Contingent Leader.



Should your medical condition or regular medication change from the information provided on the medical statement in any way, before departure for the jamboree, it is your obligation to advise the administration officer of such change in writing immediately.




I wish to be considered for selection to attend the Jamboree 2019 ("Friends for Life")

I understand the Scout Promise and Law, and I agree to abide by the rules of the Jamboree and the Scout Association. If I am an Adult/Rover, I agree to complete all necessary steps to undergo a National Police Records Check. I understand that still and video photography of people and events will take place at the Jamboree and agree that this material may be used to promote Scouts Australia without my permission or payment. In consideration of Scouts Australia (which term includes each Branch thereof and the Jamboree Organising Committee) accepting this application for the Jamboree: I acknowledge that the activities conducted at the Jamboree will involve physical tasks, which inherently may contain risk of injury. I/We understand that those activities are carried out on a challenge by choice basis, and that the applicant may decline to participate in any one or more activities should he/she so desire. I agree that in the event of accident or illness, I/ We authorise an officer, servant, agent or Leader of Scouts Australia to obtain on my/our behalf, and at my/our expense, such urgent medical or dental assistance, treatment, nursing, hospital and/or ambulance service as may be considered appropriate by such officer, servant, agent or Leader of Scouts Australia, and (should it be advised by a duly qualified Medical Practitioner that it is necessary) to authorise a general anaesthetic. I agree to pay on demand to Scouts Australia, all such medical, hospital and other fees and expenses incurred or to be incurred by Scouts Australia in such circumstances other than such fees and expenses recoverable under any policy of insurance taken out by Scouts Australia. I understand that the Applicant is expected to act and behave in accordance with the acknowledged principles and rules of the Jamboree and the Scout Association. Should the Jamboree Camp Chief or Contingent Leader determine that the Applicant has not acted or behaved in such manner, I understand and agree that, at the discretion of the Jamboree Camp Chief or Contingent Leader, the Applicant may be returned to their place of residence by the most direct means at my/our expense, including expense such as return fares and accommodation for accompanying adults, and no claim can or will be made by me/us for any compensation or damages. I understand that in the event of circumstances beyond reasonable control of the Jamboree Executive Committee, e.g., a major bushfire, the Jamboree may be cancelled in part or in full, with a resultant loss to participants in funds paid and personal equipment. I further understand it has been recommended that participants insure against such a risk.



I/We request that you consider this application to attend the Jamboree 2019.

I/We agree to pay the Jamboree fee and enclose the necessary deposit.

The Medical Statement has been completed correctly to the best of my/our knowledge.

I/We acknowledge the existence of the authority within this application form, which it has been drawn to our attention that I/we have read and understand the nature and effect of the authority and I/we agree to abide by the above statement of agreement and authority.

I/We acknowledge that the information contained in this application will be used exclusively by Scouts Australia for the purpose of the Jamboree and that the privacy policy of Scouts Australia applies.




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