General FAQ's

General FAQ's

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Where is AJ2019?

Scouts South Australia are hosting AJ2019. The event will be held the brand new $100 million Bend Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend in the Murraylands, South Australia. Situated at the corner of the Dukes and Mallee Highways and overlooking the Murray River above Lake Alexandrina, the site is minutes out of Tailem Bend and only an hour up the South Eastern Freeway to Adelaide.  You can also visit the AJ2019 website here:



When is AJ2019?

The AJ2019 Opening Ceremony will be held on 4 January 2019, and the Closing Ceremony on 13 January 2019. ‘Super Saturday’ (Visitor’s Day) is on 12 January 2019.


How do I get to AJ2019?

Chances are, you'll be on one of around 100 coaches travelling to AJ2019 from all parts of Victoria.

We will be travelling overnight to the Jamboree site and when you arrive, a member of the VicCon team will be there to greet you and show you to your campsite.

How do I apply for AJ2019?

Click Here to apply for AJ2019!

You’ll need your personal details, medical information, dietary requirements, emergency contact details and a passport style photo. All sections must be filled in, and the Online Application submitted.

Helpful hints for your application:

  • Photos must be clear, straight on and identify the person
  • Ensure that your email address is up to date as this will be used to contact you
  • Medical details – including medication – need to be up to date. You can change and update these in the AJ2019 application portal in the lead-up to AJ2019
  • Dietary Requirements will be taken directly from the information you provide so be clear if you require a special diet (more below)
  • Jamboree shirts and Contingent shirts will use the t-shirt size listed in your application – remember, you might grow a bit between now and January 2019!
  • All adults (18+) attending AJ2019 must hold a Working With Children Check (current as of January 2019), and have completed the Child Safe Scouting, Basic Scoutsafe and WHS & Scouting eLearning Modules

I am a Venturer, how do I apply for AJ2019?

Can family visit during AJ2019?

  • Celebration (Visitors) Day will be January 12th
  • Visitors are not permitted on other days

Who needs to complete and authorise the participant application form?

  • For a Youth Member (an applicant under the age of 18) a parent or guardian will be required to complete the application
  • An Adult applicant is required to complete their own application.

What happens once my application is submitted?

If you meet the Eligibility Criteria, and have submitted your online application your Group Leader will receive an email alerting them that it needs approval and will:

  • Confirm your eligibility
  • Check and Approve your application
  • Once approved you will receive an invoice for the Jamboree fee

How do I update my details?

You can update your details by visiting the Registration Page Login you will need your registration number, your date of birth and your PIN.

  • Use the “forgot your PIN” button if you can’t remember it

I don't have access to the internet, how do I apply?

Please contact your Group Leader to make arrangements to apply for AJ2019.

I'll be 15 when AJ2019 starts, can I come anyway?

I had a great time at AJ2016 as a Scout and would like to attend AJ2019 but will be a month over the advertised age range – can I still apply?

  • No. The Contingent Council have ruled that over age Scouts will not be accepted as ‘Scouts’ at AJ2019.
  • But, if you've been a Venturer for six months as of 03/01/2019, you can come as a Venturer.  Perhaps it's time to think about linking to Venturers.

How do I make a payment?

  • Payment options are detailed on your invoice
  • After your application is approved by your GL, you can obtain a copy of your invoice by selecting the “Payment” button located on the left hand side of your online application.
  • For fees; check out our Home Page
  • Payment instalments are due 12 March, 16 July & 20 August. Your individual payment schedule is detailed on your invoice  

If I take my mobile device, can I charge it at AJ2019?

  • There will be NO facilities available for youth members to recharge their phones. We strongly suggest that they are left at home.
  • There may be pay phones on site and internet café sites. Although queues are often long and Scouts will be having so much fun they won’t be thinking of calling home, so please don’t put stress on them by insisting they call regularly.
  • Leaders may be able to recharge their phones at their sub camp headquarters or at Victorian Contingent. These facilities will be limited.
  • CPAP equipment can be recharged at each Sub Camp HQ
  • 240V power is not available at Troop or Leader Camping Sites

Do I need Travel Insurance?

  • We recommend that you take out Travel Insurance, as your personal belongings are not covered by the insurance provided by the Jamboree or Scouts Victoria.

I'm a Leader and I'm not going to be in Troop Lines, what other roles are there?

We are looking for activity leaders!!  check out these activities:


‘Woodhouse’ (Offsite)

Patrols at AJ2019 will spend an overnight activity at the famous Woodhouse Activity Centre where they’ll focus on activities like pioneering, navigation, camping, lightweight cooking and problems solving. The obstacle course on Woody's Challenge Hill is a major fun feature of Woodhouse, and one of the best of its kind in Australia! Scouts at AJ2019 will crawl, climb, swing and slide their way up the hill, but the biggest challenge is in the Scout's ability to work as a team and show leadership skills. Here’s your opportunity to be part of the ‘permanent’ Woodhouse AJ2019 activity team to keep this epic activity rolling. Up to 1300 Scouts on-site at Woodhouse at any one time!


‘Metro Mania’ (Offsite)

A HUGE three-part full day offsite activity. ‘Metro Mania’ will see Scouts dropped off in the Adelaide CBD and making their way (Scouts choose) to either Port Adelaide, a town steeped in maritime history, or at Glenelg Beach for an afternoon exploring this beachside town. This activity needs a large number of leaders to assist and guide patrols as they navigate the CBD and then board public transport and head out to their second location. Up to 1200 Scouts in the Adelaide CBD at any one time!


Water Activities (Offsite)

AJ2019 has secured an AMAZING water activities location right on the waterfront of the Wellington Marina at Wellington East on the Murray River South Australia with unrestricted access to a wonderful privately owned area of the Murray River real-estate. This site has lush green grass, substantial onsite facilities, and most importantly lots of water access with little/no other water traffic. Scouts SA are seeking leaders with Scouts Australia recognised certifications in all things water activities including Bronze Medallion, power/sail/kayak or canoe charge certificates.


Bang! - Archery / Shooting (Offsite)

Heading offsite for a half day activity to the local Sporting Shooters Association range at Monarto is set to be a highlight for the Scouts. This activity is well supported by the local Sporting Shooters Association but AJ2019 still need a few more Leaders at this activity. Skills or qualifications in firearms or Archery would be greatly appreciated.


Adventurous Activities (Onsite)

Rock climbing, abseiling, crate stacking, Flying foxes, haystack climb, water traps and all things adventurous and adrenalin. This site needs a lot of support from service leaders, particularly those with Scouts Australia recognised qualifications in the Climbing\Abseiling space.


TechHaus (Onsite)

Appealing to the inner nerd in most 11-14 year olds, the Technology house will provide exciting demonstrations from local universities, defence, and industry. Scouts will see cutting edge robotics, computer programming, drone construction and flying, Virtual and Augmented reality, radio communications and lots of other tech stuff. At this activity AJ2019 need quite a few Leaders on hand to ensure that little fingers don’t go where they shouldn’t and to help facilitate some of the hands-on activities like programming and drone school. If you are a bit of a nerd, this is the site for you.


Trades (Onsite)

The trades activity site will have a number of hands on ‘come and try’ type activities that will provide a taste for of a number of trades and each site will teach the Scouts a little something that they’ll be able to apply when they get home. To run this site AJ2019 need a good handful of experienced trades people across various trade disciplines, so if you have been in the {INSERT TRADE HERE} game for ages or are just a really experienced handy person that know your way around a shed - this is the site for you!


How and More info

You can select your preferences for Activity Leader roles in your AJ2019 application. If you have a burning question, speak to Cory Hawkless, Program Director AJ2019 in South Australia ( / 0413 414 460)


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