Group Leader FAQ's

Group Leader FAQ's

The GL FAQ Page is especially for GL's to assist them with managing applications and assisting AJ2019 applicants.

We'll update this page as new FAQ's pop up.

If you have a question, and it isn't on the list, then flick us an email:

Click Here to Login to the System

Logon FAQ's

How do I Login?

Group Leaders / Leaders in charge can login to the Jamboree system using a valid set of Extranet credentials at

How can I allow another leader to login to the system? (for GL/LIC Admin Functions)

  1. Select “Add/Edit Jamboree Contact” from the left hand menu
  2. Click “Next” button, located next to your Group's ID number
  3. Click “[GET Section]”
  4. Select which section you wish to give access to (most of the time this will be “Scout Troop1”
  5. Click “Get User”
  6. Select “[Get Reg.ID]”
  7. Click the “Select” button next to the name of the leader you wish to give the access to.
  8. Adjust the “Main contact for the Troop for Jamboree 2019?” question accordingly
  9. Click Save.

An email will be sent to that leader with the login details.

Application Management FAQ's

How do I know what I need to do?

Once you login, you will see the status of the applications in your formation inside your workflow:

  • “Participant(s) have not paid the fee” are applications which still have fees outstanding
  • “Members have saved application form online” are applications which have been started but not completed, you should follow these up.
  • Applications in the category “have submitted application form online and are waiting for their application to be checked and accepted” are applications which need your approval
  • There may be additional workflow categories such as “1 Member(s) have not completed 9-WHS FOR SCOUTING”.  These users need to be followed up to complete the requirement specified, unresolved items will cause the Participant’s application to be rejected.

How do I approve an application?

  1. Select the “Member(s) have submitted application form online and are waiting for their application to be checked and accepted” link from the workflow on the Home screen
  2. You will then be presented with a list of applications awaiting your attention, select the Jamboree number of the application you wish to review
  3. The application for that member will now display. Read through the application and check it over for errors.
  4. Check that the Photo complies with passport standards and if not have the participant upload a new photo
  5. Down the bottom of the application of a set of radio buttons asking a series of questions, read through the questions and answer them:
  6. Click the “Update” button to save the application

Once an application is accepted, the participant will be notified and an invoice will be generated against the participant and the group for payment.

How can I assist an applicant without internet access?

  • Invite the Applicant around for coffee and bickies
  • Ask them to bring with them
    • a recent photo (Passport style)
    • their Medical, Dietary and other details, including their Medicare, Health Benefits and Ambulance membership details
  • Complete the online application together
  • Make sure they read and understand the information in the “Child Safe”, “Leader Info” and “Terms & Conditions” pages of the Application
  • Submit the application and remind the Applicant to let you know of any updates or changes

Finance Management FAQs

How do I get a copy of the invoices?

  1. Select “Financial” then “Participant Invoices”
  2. Adjust the selection criteria
  3. Click “Next” at the bottom
  4. A list of invoices will be displayed
    1. You can tick the ones you wish to print or email to the participant
    2. You can view an individual invoice by clicking on the invoice number

How can I see what a participant has paid?

  1. Select “Financial” then “Individual Payment”
  2. Enter their branch registration ID or their jamboree participant ID (include the prefix 0's if necessary)
  3. Click Search

How do I make a payment by cheque from the group?

  1. Select “Financial” then “Group Payment”
  2. Click the “Search” button next to your group name
  3. Next to each participant who you wish to make a payment for:
    • Tick the tick box to enable payment against that individual
    • Enter the amount to be paid
  4. Select the method of payment “Cheque”
  5. Enter the details of the cheque being used
  6. Click the print button at the bottom of the webpage and print the page and include it with your cheque when posting in.

Note: EFT is no longer a Group Payment option, individual payments can be made using Bpay, refer to individual’s invoice for details

How can I send out statements?

  1. “Financial” then “Send Statement”
  2. Adjust the selection criteria
  3. Tick the participants you wish to send to (or tick the tick box at the very top to select all)
  4. Click either
    • “Send Email” to send automatically via email
    • Click “Print All Statements” to generate a PDF for you to print.
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