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A PDF Booklet is now available to download.  This booklet is full of useful information for Parents about AJ2019, from the Victorian Contingent Council. Click Here to download the booklet.


Leave of Absence

Victorian Youth Member - Temporary Leave of Absence from aj 2019

Temporary leave for Scouts and Venturers attending the Jamboree is not encouraged however we appreciate that there are sometimes circumstances when this is appropriate. Due to the Jamboree program scouts who leave the site on a temporary basis may jeopardise their opportunity to earn the Jamboree Award. Youth members will not be granted overnight leave. Apart from Troop activities, NO Youth Member will be permitted to leave the Jamboree site without prior written permission from their parents/guardians on the approved form.

click here to download the form and for details of how to apply for permission


Independent Travel

All Victorian members travelling independently to aj2019

All members of the Victorian Contingent (both Leaders and Youth Members) travelling to the Jamboree independently arriving on Friday 4th January 2019 will be required to register off-site at the Viccon Booking in area, which will be located at:

NEW LOCATION !!!!!!! Keith Showgrounds: Showground Parade, Keith South Australia. 

Look for the Victorian Contingent flags/gazebo or other signs.

Time to Arrive: Independent Travelling Youth are to arrive at AJ2019 on FRIDAY 4th January 2019, between 6:30 am & 7:30 am, do not come early as there will be no one there to register you. You may wish to consider getting and early breakfast on the way as well.

Independent Travelling Youth will be registered and given their ID tags. Viccon will hand over the scouts to their JTL and Jamboree Troop as they will also be at the Showgrounds and they shall then travel to the AJ2019 site on the bus with the rest of their AJ Troop.

will be placed on buses that will drop them close to the Venturer Subcamp.

Independent Travelling Adults are to arrive at AJ2019 on FRIDAY 4th January 2019, between 6:30 am & 8:00 am, do not come early as there will be no one there to register you.

Independent Travelling Adults will be registered and given their ID tags, Leaders and other Adults will be free to find their own way to AJ2019 or may be also transported by one of the Troop buses if required.

Victorian Youth Members Departing Independently from AJ2019

All Victorian Scouts and Venturers (Youth Members) who have elected to travel independently of the Victorian Contingent from AJ2019 must complete and submit a "Release Form"

Click Here to download the Release Form and process for collection of Independent Youth Leaving AJ2019


Adult independent travellers departing from aj2019

Do not need to complete a release form but are still required to check out at Viccon Headquarters between 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm or at the Viccon location at the Long Term Car Park between 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Independent Travelling Adults must depart AJ2019 by 11:00 pm 13th January 2019.


Visitors to AJ2019

You'll have the opportunity to visit AJ2019 on the 12th January!
More information about Cebelration Day can be found here


Ambulance Information

The Victorian Contingent recommends that your child is a member of Ambulance Victoria. Ambulance Victoria members are covered for the same benefits interstate that they would have received had they been in Victoria. Eligible Victorians holding a valid Pensioner Concession or Health Care Card currently receive free clinically necessary treatment and transport.

For more information visit Ambulance Victoria:


Important Message about Stretchers

A gentle reminder to Scouts and parents that all the ‘stuff’ that Scouts take with them to the Jamboree MUST fit inside their 100 litre (approx) roller bag and day pack.
As indicated in the gear list stretchers should NOT be taken unless they fit inside their gear bag. If the Jamboree Troop Leader requests that Scouts do not bring stretchers, this is about accommodating everyone in a tent and 6 – 8 stretchers do not fit comfortably with gear in an auto tent.



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