Scouts with Additional Needs

Scouts with Additional Needs

Can Scouts with ‘Additional Needs’ attend the Jamboree?

Yes. The Victorian Contingent Council’s aim is to offer the opportunity to all eligible youth members the chance to attend and participate in the excitement of AJ2019. The Victorian Contingent has in place a procedure to facilitate a request of additional needs support for a youth member attending AJ2019.

To enable the progression of a request for support the following information must be submitted at the same time as the online Participant Application:

  • A letter from the parents / guardians explaining the youth member’s situation and additional needs.
  • A supporting letter from the youth member’s section leader.
  • A supporting letter from a relevant professional.
  • A management plan showing pre, during and post support to be provided for the participant
  • The name and contact number of their regular carer / another adult who is prepared to register and pay the AJ2019 fee and perform the specific role as a full-time carer for the youth member
  • These documents are to be uploaded to the Scout's online Jamboree Application (at the bottom of the Medical form). If you are having difficulty uploading then please forward by mail to

Confidential: Att: Director, Health & Wellbeing
Victorian Contingent – AJ2019
Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch
152 Forster Road,
Mount Waverley, 3149 

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