The Big Scouting Bioblitz

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Big Scouting Bioblitz from November 26-29 2021!

This Bioblitz activity has concluded for 2021, but you're welcome to use any materials here to run your own Bioblitz activity at your Scout Group.

The Big Scouting Bioblitz is your opportunity to contribute to scientific records across the state. All that's needed to participate is a phone or digital camera and an internet connection.

Records of plants, animals, fungi and more can be collected. For it to count towards the bioblitz it needs to be collected from a natural area like a State or National Park and there needs to be some form of evidence included, like a photo or a sound recording.

You can start by downloading the iNaturalist app on iPhone or Android and sign up with an account for your Scout Group! You can share the login details for this account with everyone participating.

Create an iNaturalist Account for your Scout Group

View the Big Scouting Bioblitz 2021 leaderboard

Watch our video below on how to collect a record and contribute to the Bioblitz.

Once you have an account on iNaturalist, and you've registered your participation, you can get out into the bush on November 26-29 to collect records.

This event is brought to you in collaboration with Parks Victoria.


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