The Beyond initiative strives to broaden the number of young people taking on leadership roles in Scouting. It seeks to expand the opportunities available and the mindset of young Leaders to ensure that the skills, knowledge and experience cultivated during their time as youth members can be utilised when they are looking for their next challenge.

Beyond exists, therefore, to bring together the personal aspirations of Rovers and other young adults with the leadership opportunities and experiences on offer.

Rovers, as well as Venturers turning 18, have many different talents, interests and abilities, all of which combines to set them up for success in the numerous and varied leadership roles in Scouting. Through Beyond, Scouts Victoria endeavours to identify people to fill these positions, develop individuals through directed learning and experiences, and support them to find the right role for them.

Leader roles come in all shapes and sizes, and young adults are well-equipped to not only support the personal growth of younger Scouts as Youth Program Leaders, but also to drive the growth and leadership of the organisation as Group Leaders, Commissioners, office bearers, and in a myriad of other roles.

Where to go from here

  • Explore the assorted adult roles available in Scouts
  • If you're interested but have no idea where to start or just want a point in the right direction, try our Buzzfeed-style quiz to find out which volunteer role could be the right match for you
  • Check out our resources for young Leaders and their managers
  • Take a look at the pathway to becoming an Adult Leader
  • Send us an email and we can help you find a position at a level and in an area of interest for you
  • If you are a Leader with a Venturer or Rover you know who would benefit from Beyond's support, and/or who would be of benefit to Scouts in a leadership role, email us

What's to come

There are lots of exciting plans and projects in the pipeline for Beyond. We anticipate making workshops available to support young Leaders to be successful in their new roles and get the most from the experience. We also hope to be bringing learning and networking opportunities to a Region near you in the future.


Email if you have any questions or would like more information.

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