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Established in 1985, the Victorian Scout Foundation raises funds to support the work and long term goals of Scouts Victoria.

Victorian Scout Foundation

Income from youth member fees alone cannot provide the financial basis for development, and so Scouts Victoria relies on the work of the Foundation to support its aims and help bring our long-term goals to fruition. Its purpose is to raise money to assist with the development of new and existing Scout Groups, the training of Scout Leaders and much more.

The Victorian Scout Foundation is a capital fund, preserving donations in perpetuity, only distributing earnings to support the work of Scouts Victoria. Therefore membership to the Foundation can make a permanent contribution to the future of Victoria’s youth.

Foundation Membership Levels

The Foundation offers various giving levels for membership as follows:

  • Associate $600
  • Member $2,000
  • Fellow $10,000
  • Governor $25,000+

Payment pledges

Donations can be made through a five-year pledge.

For example, a member could become a Fellow by committing $10,000 over five years in five payments of $2,000 per annum.


Over the years, Scouts Victoria has been the grateful recipient of many unexpected bequests. Bequests are the most effective way of providing benefits for future generations of Victorian Scouts. Bequests may be a share of an estate, cash, and items of personal property or real estate. 

We would like to be able to acknowledge and thank the people who confirm a bequest in their lifetime and give them the recognition they deserve. For this reason if you are considering making a bequest to Scouts Victoria, and would like to have a confidential discussion about your intentions or simply find out more information, please contact the Foundation as follows:

Dion Ellis, Foundation Director  


The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees, composed of the President, Senior Vice-President, and ex officio members. The board meets quarterly and holds its annual general meeting in October.

The board’s charter is to ensure appropriate and accountable management of funds held by the Victorian Scout Foundation, and to ensure that all matters of governance are adhered to. The Foundation also assumes responsibility for the distribution of monies which are raised by the Foundation, or which are given to it as a body.

Honour Roll

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