Grey Wolf Award

The Grey Wolf Award is the pinnacle of the Cub Scout Section and there are a number of requirements involved in earning this big achievement.

As we progress from using the old scheme to the Achievement Pathways, there is a need now to support both those finishing off the Grey Wolf Award using aspects of the old scheme, and those completing all requirements under the Achievement Pathways. For simplicity, we call them Option 1 - Old Scheme and Option 2 - Achievement Pathways.

The requirements for earning the Grey Wolf Award are listed in each of the application forms.

Option 1 - Old Scheme Grey Wolf Award Application Form

Option 2 - Achievement Pathways Grey Wolf Award Application Form

From 1st January 2022, all applications must be submitted under Achievement Pathways. Option 1 - Old Scheme will be retired on 31st December 2021.

If a Cub Scout is intending to complete their Grey Wolf Award via Option 1, the old scheme, it is important that they are aware that all aspects of the Grey Wolf Award must be completed by the 31st of December 2021.

Grey Wolf Planner and Tracker (Old scheme)

Grey Wolf Hike/Day Walk Plan (for everyone)

New Guideline for Grey Wolf Award @home

Application Form

Once the Grey Wolf Applicant has completed all required achievements and recorded them in their Tracker, the Grey Wolf Applicant will go to Unit Council (a special meeting can be called if necessary) seeking approval from the Unit Council. A representative of the Unit Council will sign the Application form along with the Cub Scout Leader.

The Cub Scout Leader will send the Application Form to Youth Awards ( with a copy to the DLCS and Group Leader. If the Application Form is knowingly being submitted outside of the guidelines, a letter describing the extenuating circumstances that deem the application worthy of special consideration must be submitted with the Application Form. See Special Consideration Request Policy for more information.

Youth Awards will check the form for completeness and follow up with the Cub Scout Leader if necessary. If the Application is correct and within guidelines, the Award will be mailed to the Cub Scout Leader.

If the Application is outside of the Grey Wolf guidelines and no request for special consideration has been provided, or the request for special consideration has been denied, notification will be sent to the Cub Scout Leader with a copy to DLCS and Group Leader. The Cub Scout Leader will inform the Applicant.

Grey Wolf Award Application Guidelines



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