Special Interest Badges

Landcare Badge

Participate in a Landcare project for a period of ten hours either through their local Scout Landcare Group or as part of a community Landcare Group.

Waterwise Badge

In order to gain this badge, Cub Scouts are required to complete any six of the “Waterwise” activities. They may be completed as a Pack, as an individual or as a small group such as a Six.

If the activities are done individually, Cub Scouts need to report to their Pack on what they have learnt.

Local History Badge

Our local history is important, and this is an opportunity to learn more about it Through this badge you will learn more about your own community and Australia history and how Scouting has played a part in this history.

Faith Awareness Badge

Youth members of the Cub Scout Section are eligible to earn and wear the Faith Awareness Badge. The badge may be earned at any time whilst in the Cub Scout Section.

Badge Adviser: The Badge Adviser will be called a Religious Adviser. The Religious Adviser may be a Minister of Religion, Priest, Rabbi, Lay Helper or religious equivalent. A Religious Adviser of the Cub Scout's choice should test the badge.

World Scout Environment Badge

This is a badge from the World Scout Environment Program which helps Scouts around the world work together for the good of the local and global environment.

Language Emblem Badge

If you can speak a language other than English, then this is a badge to be earned for you.

Standard emblems currently include Danish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Greek, I Can Sign, Thai, Spanish and many more.

Messengers of Peace Badge

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative, launched by the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement (WOSM), based on the WOSM slogan of Creating a Better World. Envisioned in 2010 by His Majesty King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, its aim is to create a better world globally by acting locally. Through the Messengers of Peace Online Platform, it aims to connect people from every National Scouting Organisation (NSO) through the sharing of peace projects.

Their Service, Our Heritage Badge

This award was introduced in the year 2000 for all members of Scouts Australia, with the intention of raising the level of awareness of youth members about our Veterans and providing Scout members with an opportunity to actively participate in the 'Their Service - Our Heritage' program.

This is an annual award and is achieved each year with the year commencing on 25th April. The badge will have a different coloured edging each year.

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