Uniform Badges

Camp out badge

The Camp Out badge is a specialist Victorian badge developed to prepare the Cub Scout for camping. We encourage Cub Scout Leaders to motivate their Cub Scouts attending Cuboree to achieve the badge.


Neighbourhood Watch Badge

The Neighbourhood Watch badge was put together with the assistance of Victoria Police and involved the Cub Scouts being aware of emergency phone numbers and learning about security issues for themselves or their homes.


Camper Award Badge

The Camper Award Badge depicts the total number of nights spent camping under canvas while on approved Scouting activities. (School camps and family holidays don't count.) it is required that these nights be spent under canvas or under the stars. Any indoor camp or non-Scouting camps do not count towards achieving this Award.


Walkabout Award Badge

The Walkabout Award Badge is earned for the total kilometres travelled under human power through a youth member's time in Scouting. The minimum distance to be counted toward the tally for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts is 1km while it is 5kms for all others. Journeys taken in a canoe, kayak, skis or a bicycle are divided by 2 e.g. a 20 km bike hike earns 10 km to the Award. Day and overnight journeys provided they are over the minimum distance for the section, may be included for the Award.

Dolphin Award Badge

The badges are earned according to the distance a Scouting member swims. "Swimming" includes all distances swum within the following requirements, whether within Scouting, school, swimming club or otherwise. There is no restriction on style, but swimming aids (floatation devices, swim fins, etc) are not permitted.

There are three Badges in the series. Each replaces the previous Badges earned and only the highest one for which you are qualified is worn:

Red Dolphin -1600 metres

Silver Dolphin -16 kilometres total over six months

Gold Dolphin - 80 kilometres total over twelve months


Cub Scout Leadership Course Badge

This National Course provides training for current and potential Sixers and Seconds and is run in your Branch according to your Branch structure and guidelines. In order for you to attend the Cub Scout Leadership Course you must be nominated by your Cub Scout Leader.

Bring a Friend Badge

Bring a Friend to your Cub night and you can earn the Bring a Friend Badge.

You might even want to organise a Bring a Friend night and have several new members all attend on the same night. Then you can make a fun night out of it and grow your Group as well.

Service Award Badge

From the time you are invested as a Cub Scout, as the first year clocks over, you are presented with a "1" year Service Award. If you're in Cubs for two or even three years, you will replace your "1" Badge with a "2", then a "3". This badge can stay on your uniform right through Scouts, Venturers and Rovers... and you can get green, maroon and red Service Award respectively for your time in those Sections... and if you came up from Joeys, you may have a tan coloured one from there as well.

Amateur Radio Operator Badge

A member of Scouts Australia who obtains a Radio Operators Licence, in accordance with Government regulations, may wear the Amateur Radio Operator Badge on the right sleeve of the uniform.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, subject to examination or equivalent acceptable qualifications, issues licences as set out in the current Amateur Licence Information Paper. Each grade of licence allows specific privileges of use of the electronic spectrum regarding frequencies and power limitations. There are no minimum age requirements. The latest qualifications and conditions can be found at www.acma.gov.au

State Cub Commissioner Challenge

Have you heard about “Youth Leading Adult Supported” Scouting?

This is all about YOU – the Cub Scout – planning, organising, managing and reviewing your activities for the Pack. In Scouting we call this Plan>Do>Review.

This is a challenge for all members of the Pack.

Special Event Badges

Event badges that have been approved by the Branch Chief Commissioner in accordance with the Branch rules, can be worn on the front right-hand side of the uniform with the tip of the event badge in horizontal alignment with the top of the Australian Flag badge, which is located above the shirt pocket.

Only one event badge can be worn on the front of the uniform at any one time.

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