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The Cub Scout Council invites Cub Scouts across Victoria to participate in the Country meets Metro project happening from July to December 2020.

Because the Scouting Community extends far and wide and is more than just your own Group and local District. With our new skills with online meetings, getting together with a Pack from a distant location is really easy and lots of fun too. You will be able to develop new friendships and learn how other Cub Scouts are Scouting in their Community and in the future, there may be opportunities to meet face to face on a camp or major event. You will be able to develop your Lead and Assist skills by being involved in the planning and organising of this activity.

The decision to go ahead with this initiative should be made by the entire Pack. Any Cub Scout can nominate to be in the ‘Country meets Metro’ project patrol with a keen Leader or two. The Pack Council will also be involved in supporting the project patrol throughout the process.

The idea is to meet up with a Pack that is in a very different location to you. Eg. 1st Mansfield Pack is approximately 200km from Melbourne at the foothills of Mt Buller and they meet up with an inner city Pack like Richmond or 6th Melbourne. Or perhaps 2nd Malvern in the south eastern suburbs meet up with 1st Rainbow who are 400km northwest of Melbourne.

The possibilities are endless and the hardest part will be deciding who to meet!

To find a Pack:

  • Your Leaders have lots of Scouting contacts through training and events, so check with them first.
  • Checkout the fantastic map on the Scouts Victoria website. You will see all the Cub Packs. Choose a red pin and from here you will be able to contact the Pack via the Group Leader. 

This is where you make it your own. In your planning stage think about the following:

  • The Pack you are going to contact, how you will contact them and who will do this.
  • How do we do Scouting in our community and how best to show another Pack? This could be done by making a short video or a power point presentation or even building/creating something that tells your story.
  • Once you have made contact, decide between the two Packs how many times you are going to meet. There are no limits on this, whatever works for both Packs.
  • Upload your stories to Scouts Victoria here and tell us who you have met. We would love to see photos or videos from all over Victoria. 

A Certificate of Participation in the Country meets Metro project will be available, as well as progressions through the award scheme, such as:

  1. Record Participate, Assist and Leads in the Milestones
  2. Record Pack Councils in PC4
  3. Logging an Inter-pack activity for the Grey Wolf Award, as you will be Scouting outdoors to showcase your local community.
  4. Checking off one of the Challenge Area elements of the Cub Scout Commissioner Challenge 2020.
  5. Best of all, you will have made new friends, learnt about another Scouting community and have opened up the possibilities of travelling to a new place for a Pack Holiday.

Any questions or queries regarding this project please email Elizabeth Thomson

To download this information click here.


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