State Cub Commissioner Challenge

Let the State Commissioner for Cub Scouts know that your Cub Pack is taking up the challenge via

Have fun with the challenge, be adventurous, be creative and make it your own!

Bring a Friend to Cubs

All Cub Scouts in Victoria have the chance to get a prize for having a new friend join up as a Cub Scout.

To get the prize, all Cub Scouts need to do is:

  • Make sure your Pack is signed up for the Cub Commissioner Challenge 2019
  • Bring a friend along and show them how great Scouting is and the adventures we have
  • Help your friend join Scouts before June 30
  • Keep a list at Pack Council of the New Chums (friends) who have joined and who invited them
  • After June 30, ask a Leader to send the list of names to

If you do this, then we will arrange to get a prize out for each of the Cub Scouts who had a friend join up and a prize for the new Cub Scouts too.


Not sure about how the 'Youth Leading, Adult Supporting' works with Cub Scouts? Check out this link.

Another great resource is located here.

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