Helpful Tips For Winning More Grants

Clarify your Group’s Needs

  • Identify and prioritise your Group’s needs
  • Collect material that supports need e.g. Police report, news articles, letters of support from Local Council or neighbours
  • Clarify costs – collect quotes for property work or indicative costs of goods

Search for Suitable Grants

  • Government websites: Federal, State and Local
  • Grant Websites
  • Be Informed – fundraising section
  • Join our Grant Writing Community by emailing your Group name and first name to

 Examples of relevant websites:

Complete Application

  • If property involved – complete a P2 form and arrange for our Facilities Project Manager to assess before lodging application. Email for details
  • Quotes – have ready before you start
  • Project Contact - you
  • Contract Partner – Scouts Victoria, therefore Contract Partner is Jon McGregor (Executive Manager), contact details and banking details are Scouts Victoria’s
  • Answering questions – always address the eligibility and assessment criteria
  • Always show how the project will help funding body achieve its objective

Complete Agreement

  • Legal contract – please carefully read and clarify the clauses that you don’t understand
  • Signature - Jon McGregor

Receive Funds

  • Up to $5000 – transferred as soon as Scouts Victoria received
  • Over $5000 – Scouts Victoria holds and will pay your invoices presented to Finance
  • $15,000+ property work – needs to be reviewed by Property Sub Committee
  • Please watch your spending against your budget in agreement

Complete Project

  • Plan and monitor works within specification, time and budget in agreement
  • Keep copies of all expenses paid
  • Take photos of before and after (proof of work completed)

Complete Acquittal Report

  • Very important because what you do, directly impacts the overall relationship with the funding body and future grants for all Scouting Groups
  • Not all grants require acquittal reports – clarify at application stage just to be sure
  • Reports usually require essential information, proving that the funds were spent in accordance with the contract
  • Must be lodged by specified time
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