Our Program

We recorded a Zoom Unit Council with Scouts. Have a look at how these Scouts, with occasional suggestions from their Leaders, are having fun programming in Challenge Areas, allocating assists and leads and defining their program cycle.  These Scouts demonstrate how they really OWN their program, they will be sure to be there when it is run.

Scouts Australia is currently implementing a new and exciting youth program, with each State following a slightly different process. The information below and via the links to the left outline what Scouts Victoria is doing, have done and where we are going next!

2020 Program Focus

Victoria’s focus for 2020 is continuing the introduction of Participate, Assist and Lead (PAL) within our programs. Documents have been developed to assist Leaders and youth to record youth members’ participation, assisting and leading (you’ll find these on our resources page). An app will also be released shortly to track the pathway through PAL digitally. Patrol Leaders will sign off using the app. Parents will use the app to follow their Scout’s progress. Section Leaders will use the app to monitor progress and help where needed.

These resources will assist Leaders to record a Scout's participation, assisting and leading in the lead up to the introduction of Milestones in July 2020. Milestones are just one part of Program Essentials, a Scout's core experience in Scouting and the other elements of Program Essentials, Introduction to Scouting, Introduction to Section and a personal reflection will be introduced in June 2020. From July 2020 all Scouts will have the opportunity of achieving their Milestone badge.


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