Frequently Asked Questions

Are section names changing?

The Section names will not change. Our Sections will continue to be known as Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts.

Will Section colours be changing?

The colour for each Section will not be changing.  The colours remain as follows

Joeys Scouts - Brown
Cub Scouts - Yellow
Scouts - Green
Venturer Scouts - Maroon
Rover Scouts - Red

Will there be any changes to the uniform?

The Australian Scout Uniform is not changing.  

How can our youth members lead?

Section councils run by our youth are the forum for discussion and planning of new program ideas and activities. These discussions are facilitated by Leaders. 

Youth leading expectations relate to age and capability. These have been defined and approved by each Section Commissioner. Download by clicking your choice of the following:

Joey Scouts

Cub Scouts





Are we keeping the Jungle theme for the Cub Scout section?

The Kipling Jungle Book stories have been the Cub Scout section theme since chosen by Baden Powell in 1916.  These stories are well suited to the age group and have survived in the Cub Scout Section across the world for more than 100 years.  The books contain stories and yarns that reflect day to day life for a Cub Scout and the Pack.  Leaders across Victoria may continue to use the Kipling Jungle Book theme and character names as their Leader names.  Victoria supports the Kipling Jungle Book theme for the Cub Scout Section and also supports other age appropriate theme concepts.

Where can I find resources to support the New Program?

We understand that having access to practical resources is important to you and we are working on some great resources. In the meantime we have two resources that will help you reinforce two key elements of The Adventure Begins, Plan>Do>Review and SPICES. The Plan>Do>Review ball has over 20 open questions on aspects of SPICES, personal growth, teamwork, the Scout Method and more which encourages members to provide open and honest review comments. The SPICES playing cards are available in two distinct sets, one for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts and the other for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. This learning tool provides 42 reflective questions that prompt members to think how they might have developed. And the beauty is, with both these resources there are no right or wrong answers! 

These interactive, thought provoking resources are available at the Scout Shop. Within the Scouts Victoria website click Scout Shop and then Program 2018 or click this link.  

It’s that simple. Go online now and order the Plan>Do>Review ball and SPICES cards for your Section.

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