Your Scouting Journey, Your Achievement Pathway


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Program Essentials - Introduction to Scouting 

The first element of the Achievement Pathways completed at the start of a young person’s journey in Scouting.
The new youth member will discuss the core elements of Scouting such as its history, structure and fundamentals with their peers.

Program Essentials - Introduction to Section

The first component of the Achievement Pathways completed in each Section. When moving into the next Section, the youth member will discuss the following with their peers:

  • How the Section operates and how it differs from their current Section.
  • How the Patrol System works.
  • Record keeping
  • The symbolic framework.
  • The Scout Promise, Scout Law and Unit Code.

Program Essentials - Milestones


Milestones are significant achievements within each Section and recognises a Scout’s active participation in the program and personal development that has occurred during that time.

There are two key elements to each Milestone:

  1. Participating, assisting and leading in the four different Challenge Areas-related activities.
  2. Personal reflection on development through the SPICES, and understanding of the Promise and Law and inclusion of others.

Outdoor Adventure Skills

Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) are the link between adventurous activities experienced through the youth program, they provide:

  • A progressive pathway to access and build skills for a range of activity streams and areas.
  • There are detailed requirements for each Stage. Once all requirements within a stage have been assessed by a suitably skilled person, a Scout will be presented with the badge for that stage.

Special Interest Areas

Special Interest Areas are tailored to an individuals’ own interests and require a Scout to set their own goals for an area of interest. Key considerations include:

  • The Scout’s existing level of knowledge, what they are interested in pursuing or learning about.
  • The challenges are set by using Plan>Do>Review> all within a set time frame.
    - The Plan section will cover how you will develop your new skills.
    - The Do section will be where you try out your new skills
    - The Review section you will consider what you learnt and how it could be improved upon next time.
  • Whilst the intention for Special Interest Areas is to enable Scouts to pursue topics or activities that specifically interest them, work may be completed individually, in Patrols or as a whole Section.
  • No matter how the goals are being pursued, it should continue to be about an individual doing their best.

Peak Award - Adventurous Journey

Adventurous Journeys are completed as an outdoor adventure, an opportunity to explore, apply skills learned through the Achievement Pathways and demonstrate planning and leadership skills.

Peak Award - Leadership/Personal Development Course

Leadership and personal development are an important part of growing as a person, and an important part of the Scout program.

Courses may be an internal:

  • Section course, an extension course (e.g. You + Lead) or an external course (e.g. RYLA or RYPEN)

Courses will cover some or most of the following concepts:

  • Problem solving and communication
  • Task management and leadership
  • Leadership, planning and community involvement

Peak Award - Personal Reflection

The Personal Reflection is the final component in the Peak Award and an opportunity for the Scout to consider their time in the Section, what has been learned and what goals have been achieved.

Peak Award

The Peak Award for each Section represents the highest level of achievement across all fields of personal progression. Each Section has their own Peak Award, and a range of requirements for each one. It is designed for individual Scouts who want to give a whole range of things a try and to experience a high number of personal challenges.

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