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Scouts Australia is currently implementing a new and exciting youth program, with each State following a slightly different process. The information below and via the links to the left outline what Scouts Victoria are doing, have done and where we are going next!

2019 Program Focus

The focus in Victoria for 2019 is the reinforcement of the 'Challenge Areas' in our Section programs. These include:

Outdoor Challenge

The outdoors is where Scouting’s emphasis on learning by doing through personal challenge is well provided for, through a diverse range of adventurous activities. Sections are encouraged to include a wide variety of new outdoor activities in their program as much as possible.

Community Challenge

This explores a member’s awareness of their commitment and responsibility to their community, the value of being of service and the value of being positive and visible members of the community. Members will be engaged and involved with their community through activities and projects, will form partnerships and will develop an appreciation of the diversity of their community.

Personal Growth Challenge

This is about the individual and their personal Scouting journey and progression. Through your program the member will be offered leadership opportunities, develop new skills and interests, develop a growing awareness of their health and wellbeing and consolidate their beliefs and values.

Creative Challenge

This encourages the member to express their individualism, character, personality and emotions through an infinite range of activities such as performing arts, making and creating, inventing, designing and planning. The outcome is personal and unique to the youth member’s individual personal progression.

Has your Group been active in any of the above Challenge Areas? Don’t forget to upload your photos HERE!

What's to come...

Towards the end of 2019 we will start preparing for the 2020 focus with the introduction of participate, assist and lead within our programs.  Resources will be developed to assist Leaders and youth to record a youth members participation, assisting and leading and towards the end of 2020 we will begin preparing for ‘Milestones’ which will be introduced in 2121, this is where we will start seeing some exciting new badges.

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