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Scouts Australia has a new and exciting youth program.  Each state is now implementing the program so let’s do it right, we will get only one go at this.  Youth are leading the way.

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2019 - Program focus

updated 3/2/2019

Our focus for 2019 is the reinforcement of "Challenge Areas" in our section programs.  We have lots of Challenge Area resources, see link above.

At your next section councils ask the youth members to include these concepts in their programming or review some existing programs to see where these concepts already exist.

If you missed "The Adventure Begins" last year, you can still join by clicking the link on the right of this page.

Outdoor Challenge

The Outdoors is where Scouting's emphasis on learning by doing through personal challenge is well provided for through a diverse range of adventurous activities. Sections are encouraged to include a wide variety and new outdoors activities in their program as much as possible.  

Community Challenge

This explores a member's awareness of their commitment and responsibility to their community, the value of being of service and the value of being positive and visible members of the community. Members will be engaged and involved with their community through activities and projects, form partnerships, develop an appreciation of the diversity of their community through visits and inclusion. 

Personal Growth Challenge

This is about the individual, their personal Scouting journey and their personal progression. Through your program the member will be offered leadership opportunities, develop new skills and interests, develop a growing awareness of their health and wellbeing and consolidate their beliefs and values. 

Creative Challenge

This encourages the member to express their individualism, character, personality and emotions through an infinite range of activities such as the performing arts, making and creating, inventing, designing and planning. The outcome is personal and unique to the youth member’s individual personal progression.

Challenge Area Resources

Welcome to 2019 and Challenge Areas
Definitions of Challenge Areas
Challenge Area Senarios
Challenge Areas Fact Sheet
Mapping Fact Sheet

2020 - What is happening next year?

Later in 2019 we will start preparing for the 2020 focus – recording Participate, Assist and Lead.  We will start to roll out the Tracker App.  This is designed as a tool to help manage your Group and Sections.  It is already in use by our Ground Breakers.  Later in 2020 we will prepare for ‘Milestones’ which will be introduced in 2021, this is where we start seeing some new badges!!

The Victorian Implementation Time line


updated 12/11/18

Our focus for 2018 has been 'The Adventure Begins'. The resources can still be downloaded from here.  Other supporting resources are available at Scout Shop online.

Our youth are now planning and leading activities and events, more so than ever before.  These plans usually start at a section council.  Find out more about section councils and enter the fun at Mob Council (MC4), Pack Council (PC4) or Troop Council (TC6).

With youth leading, why not let youth members plan the next going up ceremony.  This will help with smooth transition between sections.  Project Patrols for those with common interests, mixing youth from multiple sections will help with networking, youth will be looking forward to moving to the next section.

The journey so far

The Adventure Begins activities have refreshed our knowledge of these important and core programming concepts 

  • The Principles, Purpose and Mission of Scouting
  • The SPICES and their Educational Objectives
  • The Scout Method (with emphasis on: Youth Leading, Adults Supporting; Community Involvement; and Promise and Law)
  • Section Councils
  • Plan > Do > Review >

Where are you on our journey train?

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