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The Achievement Pathways - the way we recognise personal progression for individual Rovers. 

The Achievement Pathways consists of: -

Achievement Pathways fit within the one journey model of Scouting - a framework featuring a continuous series of personal achievements across the whole program, from the beginning of the Joey Scout Section through to the end of the Rover Scout Section. Providing Rovers the opportunity to determine their own Scouting journey for their own personal development.

Imagine the whole Achievement Pathways as a journey across a mountain range. Each Section of the program explores new and more challenging opportunities for achievement across the mountain range.

Along the journey, some Rovers may find that mainly exploring the bases of each mountain fulfils their needs and personal growth. Other Rovers will seek different challenges and journey further up the mountain, or even to the peak. 

That's okay. It's important to realise that not every Rover needs to reach the peak; most importantly, it's the journey that matters the most.


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