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Peak Award - Queen's Scout Award

The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award you can earn in the Venturer Section and is the most recognised in the community. It is considered the pinnacle of your Scouting at this stage and is a milestone in your Scouting life.

Transition from the old Venturer Award Scheme

From the 1st of January 2022, it is expected that all Venturers will have transitioned to Achievement Pathways for the completion of the Queen's Scout Award.

Applications for an Extension of Time to complete Queen’s Scout Award under the old Award Scheme are now open for 18-year-old Venturers undertaking Year 12, or those wishing to continue with the old program beyond 31 December 2021.

Extensions will only be granted where a Venturer has only 1 – 3 badges to complete after 31 December, with clear plans on how this will occur.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered and are a prerequisite for 18-year-old Venturers. Any extensions granted will be not be further than to 31 March 2022 and may be shorter. 

Applications must be made via the online form here

A letter of support is required from the Venturer Leader and Unit Council, which is to be emailed to within 1 week of the online form being completed.

Applications for an extension of time close on November 30th 2021.


Earning the Queen's Scout Award under Our Program

To be awarded the Queen’s Scout Award, Venturers must complete: -


  • Milestone 3 (Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 are optional)

Outdoor Adventure Skills

Achieve within Outdoor Adventure Skills: -

  • Bushcraft Stage 5
  • Bushwalking Stage 5
  • Camping Stage 5
  • Achieve 12 Stage progressions (total) in the Outdoor Adventure Skills across any of the skills.
    • At least 4 of these should be at Stage 4 or above

Special Interest Areas

  • Complete 6 Special Interest Areas activities, each totalling at least 12 hours, in at least 3 of the Special Interest Areas

Other Peak Award Activities

  • Complete a Leadership Course or Personal Development Course of at least a weekend's duration
  • Plan and lead an Adventurous Journey of at least 4 days and 3 nights duration
  • Complete a Personal Reflection on your Scouting journey.
    • The Personal Reflection is to occur with at least 2 members of the District, Region or Branch Venturer Youth Council (or delegates), of which at least one member must not be a member of the same Scout Group and/or Venturer Unit as the candidate.  
  • The Award to be approved by your Unit Council

The requirements for achieving the Queen's Scout Award are listed in the Notice of Completion Queen's Scout Award Form.

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