Our Program for Venturers

Welcome to Venturers Victoria information on 'Our Program' in Victoria

We aim to bring you the latest information, focused specifically on the Venturer section to guide you through to transitioning fully to this exciting development in Australian Scouting. 

If you have any developed resources that you would like to shared with other leaders, please send them to support@vicventurers.com.au


NEW> Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) For Venturers - a Powerpoint presentation (with notes) which explains the concepts of OAS including Progressions, Conversions and 'I' Statements. A great way to introduce OAS to Leaders and Youth to complement the release of OAS in February 2021. 

Our Program Introduction for Venturers <UPDATED with Terrain> - a short PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) by a Venturer Leader covering all basic information about Achievement Pathways

 Our Program Overview - a Venturer perspective - made by a Venturer for Venturers

Program Essentials for Scouts Victoria - a YouTube video you can show to Leaders, Venturers on the main aspects of Our Program

Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)

NEW> Outdoor Adventure Skills Fact sheet

NEW> How to record Outdoor Adventure Skills


NEW> Qualification Level for OAS Support - Who can assess /examine a Youth member in NAAF Framework (Appendix 1)


Converting Award Scheme to Achievement Pathways - a guide for transitioning to Our Program 

What's Changed? when old meets new - a comparison from the Current Award Scheme to Achievement Pathways

Venturer Scout Unit Council - current ideas on the role of the Unit Council

Peak Award Snapshot for Venturers - a simple chart to achieve Queen's Scout

Achievement Pathways Poster - a wider perspective for all sections mapping the scope of the full Program

Adventurous Journey - A Planning guide to assist with setting up a Venturer 4 day / 3 night Journey

Milestone Personal Reflections - encouraging Venturers to include I-Statements in their reflection of their current journey 

NEW> Venturer 'Crewing' in the Extranet and Terrain - how to ensure Venturer in hosted and Collective Units can be viewed in Terrain

Venturer Scouts Internal Compass - Exploring Beliefs | Being Thankful | Respect for Others | Reflections


https://s2p.scouts.com.au - an Award Scheme converter for individual Venturers (general concepts)
https://pr.scouts.com.au - Our Program information vault
https://terrain.scouts.com.au - Scouts | Terrain (Available for Leaders Now - Youth - start of Term 4)
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