Scouting is youth-led and adult supported.

Our 17,000 youth members have a voice at the table when decision-makers consider the future of Scouts Victoria. Members are encouraged to step up to the State Youth Council and lead their peers, to shape our organisation the way that they want it to be.

At the local level, youth also lead in their Units and other Sections.

State Youth Council

The State Youth Council is the voice of young people in Scouts Victoria. When the decision-makers meet, the State Youth Council is often at the table with ideas to keep Scouting relevant in our state.

The State Youth Council was formed in 2013 with members from across the Scout, Venturer and Rover Sections. Since then, we have taken proposals to the State Leadership Team, the Youth Program Committee and Section Councils. We’ve had direct input into many reviews and events.

It’s part of a growing trend to expand youth representation and leadership in Scouts Victoria. Scouts and Venturers have their own leadership groups as well, with peer-elected members.

To get in touch with us, email

For more information visit the State Youth Council Page

National Youth Council

The National Youth Council is the voice of youth members at the national level, with Scouts Australia.

There are 25 members on the National Youth Council, aged from 13 to 25, from all corners of Australia. Council members each serve three year terms.

Visit for more information.

Chief Scout's Ambassadors: ‘Scarf Up For Scouting’

Scarf Up for Scouting is a visible way of developing our community links, using youth members as the public face of Scouting.

It all started at Big Day Scout in 2015, when Chief Scout, Shane Jacobson, was invested with the State scarf. He then used the same stage to invest a young person from nearly every Group in Victoria with the State scarf. Those young members became our Scarf Up Ambassadors, leading a push to get that scarf on many prominent people at public events.

For inquiries or to order community scarves, email

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