Accomodation and Gear

Where do I sleep?

You’ll sleep in tents alongside your Jamboree Unit. Boys and girls will have separate sleeping quarters, so you might not be with the same members of your Jamboree Patrol. In fact, over 12,000 youth and adults will be camping on-site in tents.

When do I go to sleep?

Attendees are expected to return to their individual campsites shortly after the conclusion of any nighttime events. However, your Unit Council, comprised of your Jamboree Patrol Leaders, will determine each night’s curfew and lights-out timings. After consecutive tiring days, the Unit Council might even decide everyone should have an early night. (We can’t have the Leaders getting exhausted, can we?)

What do I sleep in?

You should bring along a sleeping bag, inner sheet, and an air bed or compact stretcher.

What other gear?

Comprehensive gear details will be disseminated in due course. In general, it’s the usual camping equipment for an extended camp: two pairs of comfortable closed-toe shoes (either hiking boots or runners), ample clothing including underwear and socks, toiletries (don’t overlook deodorant!), towel, shower shoes, personal first-aid kit, Scout uniform, raincoat, warm jumper or jacket, hat, beanie, and flashlight.

What if I have questions about personal gear?

Consult your local Scout Leaders. They’ll provide guidance as you prepare for the Jamboree.

What are sub-camps?

Sub-camps function like mini-neighbourhoods within the Jamboree site. Each boasts its own amenities, including toilets, shower facilities, food distribution points, waste disposal points, and relaxation areas. Every sub-camp has a managerial team responsible for facilities, welfare, and aiding in food distribution.

How many sub-camps are there?

There will be approximately three Scout camping sub-camps, with each housing approximately 80 Jamboree Units. Service Leaders and Venturer Scout Service Leaders will also have their own sub-camps. Your Jamboree Unit will have its unique campsite within your assigned sub-camp.

Do Scouts need to bring their phones?

Smartphones remain an invaluable tool. Scouts | Terrain, enables Scouts to record their Participates, Assists, and Leads during the Jamboree.

Bringing your phone isn’t mandatory. There are alternative means to access information, and you can also maintain paper records of achievements until you’re back home.

How do we charge our phones at AJ2025?

You can purchase small solar panels that charge portable battery banks from most camp stores.

Who is responsible for my phone at AJ2025?

The responsibility lies with you. Nonetheless, most Jamboree Units provide security boxes for valuables, including phones. Leaders usually permit access to this security box at specific times, such as post meals. While Leaders will assist in safeguarding your belongings within the security box, you’re primarily responsible for your possessions.

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