How much does it cost to go to the Jamboree?

Despite economic challenges, AJ2025 strives to keep costs reasonable. The total Jamboree cost consists of the Jamboree fee and the Contingent cost.

Scouts - $2,695*
Leaders - $1,315* + optional roller bag and day pack $85

See How Much? for more details.

Do I need spending money at the Jamboree?

The Jamboree provides all essentials, including meals, activities, and transport. However, many Scouts choose to buy additional snacks, gifts, or souvenirs. The suggested daily spending based on AJ2019 advice is $10. Secure storage options will be available for valuables and money.

What fundraising do you suggest?

Personal savings and group fundraising are the two primary avenues.

Individually, Scouts can save by various means, like doing odd jobs or selling homemade goods. Group fundraising activities might include community events or sales.

The key is diversifying your fundraising sources. You can raise with Monster Raffle or collecting cans as part of the new Container Deposit Scheme.

More information about fundraising and grants can be found here.

How can I get to AJ2025 if I can’t afford to?

Start fundraising now see above suggestions.

Scouts and Venturers can also apply to the Scouts Victoria NEAR Fund for financial support

Do Scouts need to bring their phones?

Smartphones remain an invaluable tool. Scouts | Terrain, enables Scouts to record their Participates, Assists, and Leads during the Jamboree.

Bringing your phone isn’t mandatory. There are alternative means to access information, and you can also maintain paper records of achievements until you’re back home.

How do we charge our phones at AJ2025?

You can purchase small solar panels that charge portable battery banks from most camp stores.

Who is responsible for my phone at AJ2025?

The responsibility lies with you. Nonetheless, most Jamboree Units provide security boxes for valuables, including phones. Leaders usually permit access to this security box at specific times, such as post meals. While Leaders will assist in safeguarding your belongings within the security box, you’re primarily responsible for your possessions.

How do I keep in touch with my family during the Jamboree?

If you possess a phone, that’s one way. Alternatively, AJ2025 will have an internet café, public phones, and a postal office. Sending postcards or letters, although traditional, is a heartwarming gesture.

Families should remember that Jamboree life is hectic, so there might be stretches when they don’t hear from their Scout.

To stay informed, families can follow AJ2025’s social media channels and the official website.

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