Hall Hire

What are the vaccination requirements to enter a hall?

Unless the hall is being used for an essential public support service, everybody aged over 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

Hall hirers must follow the rules regarding wearing face masks and anybody aged 8 years or over must wear a face mask unless an exemption applies (eg undertaking strenuous activity or eating and drinking, etc)

Lessor restrictions (e.g. council leased property) may also be in place, and you should confirm with your lessor whether there are additional restrictions to accept hall hires at your leased property.

For commercial hall hires, unless it is an essential public support service, the organisation has to comply with the pandemic orders in their own right and the responsibility should be delegated to them to provide a COVID Check-in Marshal who should also check that everybody aged over 18 years or over is fully vaccinated.

For private hall hires, where the hirer has exclusive use of the hall, the Group and hirer needs to acknowledge that everybody will check-in using the hall QR Code and that those aged 18 years or over are fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

Where food or drink is being provided as part of the hall hire (eg for a party), a density limit of 1 person per 2 sqm applies.

It is not the responsibility of Scouts Victoria to check the vaccination status of hall hirers as long as there are no other groups in attendance. If other (Scouting or non-Scouting) groups are also in attendance at the at the same time as the hirers, the Scout Group must manage the COVID Check-in and vaccination requirements.

Further guidance on Vaccination for Scouting is available in the Vaccination Requirements FAQs.

Do we need a QR Code for hall hires?

Hall hirers must use a QR Code to register their attendance. They can use the Hall QR Code or commercial hirers can provide their own. You can register the facility with the Victorian Government QR Code Service. Refer to the Record keeping and QR Code FAQs.

In addition, Groups must ensure that all attendees (including children) of private hires check-in using a QR Code or maintain a full list of attendees and contact details.

Do we need a COVID Check-in Marshal for hall hires?

For private hirers, the Group should inform the hirers that they must check-in using the hall QR Code or maintain a list of attendees.

For commercial hirers, it is the Group’s responsibility to ensure that the hirer understands the requirement and they will have a nominated COVID Check-in Marshal in place. The COVID Check-In Marshal can undertake other activities, but their primary responsibility should be to ensure all attendees check-in.

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