Outdoor Activities

How many can attend an outdoor activity?

There are no restrictions on the number of participants in outdoor activities, however you must contact coronavirus@scoutsvictoria.com.au for any planned Scouting event with over 200 participants.

*Limits for youth program activities only apply to participants. Those required to run the activity, such as Leaders, adult helpers, trainers, rostered parents, carers, etc are in addition to the limits. For adult meetings and non-youth program activities (such as fundraising, ARAP, etc), the limit applied to all in attendance.

What are the vaccination requirements for Outdoor Activities?

Leaders, helpers or Rovers undertaking a Leader or Service role must be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption. This includes unregistered parents or visitors who are helping with activities on an ad-hoc basis.

Youth members aged 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated to attend an activity where physical separation cannot be maintained for an extended period (refer to the FAQ below on social events), or to attend a major event with more than 500 participants.

To avoid doubt, “outdoors” includes an area with no roof or a roofed area with at least two fully open walls.

Unvaccinated people aged can enter the hall to access the toilets, to shelter from severe weather if undertaking Outdoor Activities, or to escape an unsafe situation / in an emergency.

Where your Outdoor Activity is at a third party venue, you should follow that venue’s COVIDSafe Plan.

Further guidance on Vaccination for Scouting is available in the How Does the Vaccination Mandate Affect…? FAQ

Can we run Social Events?

Yes, social events can be undertaken outdoors.

Where an outdoor event involves extended periods where physical separation cannot be maintained, such as close seating while eating, watching a performance or a presentation, evening entertainment (such as a party or disco), etc, all attendees aged 18 years or over must be vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

Do we need to record our activity in scOut and About?

You should record all outdoors activities that are away from your District in scOut and About. This includes activities undertaken at another Scouting location outside your District.

Activities undertaken in your hall grounds or in public areas, such as park, adjacent to your hall do not need to be recorded in scOut and About.

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