Scout Halls

How many can attend a Scout Hall?

There are no restrictions on the numbers who can attend a Scout Hall, however a 1 person per 2 sqm density quotient applies if you are providing food indoors.

Physical distancing should be maintained where possible

People with a smartphone who are at the hall should register with the QR code. Youth members who do not have a smartphone can be registered with a QR code by their parent or recorded manually, e.g. using a checklist.

What are the vaccination requirements to enter a hall?

Everybody aged over 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption. This includes youth members, Leaders, Helpers, parents, visitors, etc.

Unvaccinated parents will need to drop off and pick up youth from outside the hall.

Unvaccinated people aged over 18 years or over can enter the hall:

  • to access the toilets,
  • to shelter from bad weather if undertaking Outdoor Activities
  • to escape from an unsafe situation / emergency

Further guidance on Vaccination for Scouting is available in the Vaccination Requirements FAQs.

How we verify the vaccination status of people who enter the hall?

This will depend on who they are and the access we have to the relevant information on their vaccination status.

  • Leaders, adult helpers, registered parents, registered committee members
    Scouts Victoria is required to maintain information on the vaccination status of those classified as workers in Operoo which is also accessible to their Group Leader. Once verified, there is no requirement to check the vaccination status of registered works each time they attend unless their status changes (e.g. their status changes from partially to fully vaccinated).
  • Youth members aged under 18 years
    They currently do not need to get vaccinated and there is no requirement to check their status
  • Youth members aged 18 years or over
    It is optional for youth members to provide their vaccination status in Operoo. Where they have not provided it to Scouts Victoria in Operoo, it must be checked each time they attend Scouting indoors
  • Unregistered parents, committee members and visitors
    Unregistered parents etc are classified as spectators, participants or patrons. There is no requirement to maintain a record of their vaccination status, so it much be rechecked each time they attend.

Do we need a COVID Check-in Marshal at the hall?

A COVID Check-in Marshal is required for a hall to operate. The COVID Check-in Marshal is a nominated Leader, Adult Helper, parent or appropriate youth member, etc who is responsible for ensuring that anybody who enters the facility checks-in using a QR Code or an attendance register for youth members and that everybody aged over 18 years or over is fully vaccinated or has a medical exemption.

Can we have Scouting meetings at somebody’s residential house or garden?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of people who can attend a private residence

Can we have sleepovers at the hall?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of people who can attend a sleepover, but anybody aged 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated.

Can we run Social Events at the hall?

Yes, but a 1 person per 2 sqm density quotient applies if food or drink is served during social events at halls. Anybody aged 18 years or over must be vaccinated.

How do we manage parent drop off / pick up?

There are a few key things to consider but will be up to each Group’s specific requirements:

  • Parents entering the hall must be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.
  • Parents entering the hall for drop off / pick up must check-in using QR Code.
  • Unvaccinated parents cannot enter the hall but must be able to maintain physical distancing while waiting for drop off / pick up.
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