Can we visit Scout campsites?

Scout Groups can visit campsites for day or overnight activities.

Larger events can go ahead in groups of over 200, but you must contact for approval, apart from for school camps.

Scout groups can camp overnight for one or more nights in Patrols or small cohorts of up to 100 participants plus those who are required to run the activity.

Scout groups can camp in tents, cabins or bunkhouses, etc.

Refer to the section on Scout Camps for further details.

Can Scout groups share communal facilities such as toilets and showers at campsites?

Scouts should camp in Patrols or cohorts of up to 100 participants. Communal facilities can be shared by more than 100 as long as they are cleaned at least twice per day.

Facilities allocated to the exclusive use of up to 100 Scouting participants only need to be cleaned between cohorts.

Can Scout campsites open for non-Scouting bookings?

Campsites can open accommodation for multiple group bookings of up to 100 people in a community booking (such as a club) or for the members of one household plus 100 additional guests for family bookings. There is no limit on the number of households who can attend as part of a single booking.

Booked groups cannot share accommodation with other bookings.

Can non-Scouting bookings share communal facilities such as toilets and showers at campsites?

Communal facilities shared by multiple bookings can be shared at campsites as long as they are cleaned twice a day.

Facilities allocated for the exclusive use by single booking only need to be cleaned between bookings.

Do we need a COVID Marshall at the campsite?

COVID Marshalls are not required for Scout campsites.

Can we have school groups at our campsites?

Campsites can be used by multiple schools for school camps. The number of participants for school camps does not need to be restricted to public gathering limits.

Can campsites use QR Codes?

QR Codes are not required for accommodation. However, a QR Code would allow more people to attend dining areas, meeting rooms and training venues.

Refer to the QR Codes FAQ.

Are we responsible for making sure others follow COVID Safe rules, such as wearing face masks or following physical distancing?

Scouts Victoria has a responsibility to ensure our volunteers and employees comply with COVID Safe requirements, such as wearing face masks if necessary.

It is not Scouts Victoria’s responsibility to enforce the rules on visitors. It is the responsibility of the individual entering our premises to do the right thing.

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