How do I clean and disinfect the …?

While in use, communal areas shared by multiple groups must be cleaned at least twice a day. For halls, cleaning should be undertaken before and after each use of a hall. 

Soiled surfaces and spills should be cleaned with water and detergent – this can be in the form of a detergent solution or wipes. Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and then disinfected with either a disinfectant spray (e.g. bleach cleaner or  Glen 20, etc) or disinfectant wipes, such as hospital grade wipes containing Quaternary Ammonium compounds. 2-in-1 sprays and wipes (cleaner and disinfectant) can also be used if it states that it is effective against viruses.

Therapeutic Goods Administration have published a list of approved disinfectants:

Equipment used in activities should be cleaned between use and not shared during the activity. Any kitchen utensils used should be thoroughly washed in a normal manner (either by hand or in a dishwasher).

Fabric material (tea towels, clothes, etc) that can't be wiped with bleach should be washed as normal in a washing machine etc.

Items that can't be cleaned using harsh products can be left untouched and deemed virus free after a period of time. Generally, this would be 3 days for general materials and 5 days for smooth surfaces such as plastic or metal.

At least weekly there should be a more thorough clean and disinfect. Cleaning should be with a detergent mixed with water. Disinfection should be after the cleaning has fully dried and use a disinfectant suitable for viruses (e.g. chlorine bleach, alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, etc). If using an alcohol-based disinfectant spray, sufficient must be applied to wet the entire surface and it should be allowed to dry thoroughly. It is not effective to just spray and wipe off.

The use of fogging machines for disinfectant is not recommended by DHHS.

Who can do the cleaning, do we need a professional?

Routine cleaning can be undertaken by anybody as long as the direction are followed.

If there is a COVID-19 outbreak, more thorough cleaning may be required that may require professional cleaning services.

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