Face Masks

Do we have to wear Face Masks?

The wearing of face masks follows the DHHS directions on the requirements to wear face masks indoors or outdoors.

However, there are a number of situations where face masks are still mandatory:

  • Using public transport
  • Carpooling with people from another household
  • Visiting shopping centres or large shops
  • While serving food
  • Where physical separation can't be maintained for extended periods

Do we have to wear Face Masks when camping within a tent or sleepovers?

Wearing face masks while sleeping can be impracticable and therefore is at the option of the individual. The limits on the number of people allowed in a single indoor area for sleepovers has been reduced to reflect this.

What should we do about Scouts who are only 11 years old?

Groups can implement their own guideline that 11 year old Scouts should wear face masks during indoor activities to avoid complexity in determining who should or should not wear a face mask.

However, no 11 year old Scout should be denied the opportunity to attend if they or their parents do not wish them to wear a face mask.

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