Leaders and Helpers

Does the limit include Leaders?

The limits for indoor and outdoor activities refer to the number of participants.

Those required to run the activity, such Leaders, adult helpers, trainers, rostered parents, carers, etc are not included in the limits. Parents who are attending or observing the activity must be included in the participant limit unless they are attending as a carer.

For training courses, the participant limit is the total number of trainees not including the required number of trainers.

For Scout meetings, where there is no program activity being undertaken, the participant limit is the total number of meeting attendees.

For example:

  • We can have an outdoor activity with 100 youth members plus Leaders and adult helpers
  • We can camp in multiple groups of 30 youth members plus Leaders and helpers

Can a Leader attend multiple section meetings or activities etc?

Yes, Leaders can attend multiple meetings.

Can we use youth helpers?

Yes, youth helpers can attend if reasonably required to run the activity. As helpers, they are additional to any participation limits.

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