Record keeping and QR Codes

How should we keep records of attendance?

A record must be taken of all people who attend an indoor or outdoor Scouting activity for more than 15 minutes. This includes youth members, Leaders (including visiting District leaders), helpers, carers, parents, visitors, etc.

For fundraising events, such as Xmas tree sales, you do not need to keep a record of customers.

It is suggested that Groups create a template for each of their Units that is prefilled with youth member and Leader names. A leader or Adult Helper can tick off names as people arrive instead of having to write each name down.

As a member organisation, collecting phone numbers of registered youth members is optional. In the event of a need to provide contact information, this can be provided for the whole Unit from Extranet. Contact Scouts Victoria for assistance if required.

Should we use a QR Code based system for signing in and out of Scout Halls?

Using a QR Code as an electronic record allows certain activities, including Scouting, to operate at community facilities with 1 person per 2 sqm rather than 1 person per 4 sqm.

As a membership-based organisation, signing in and out by youth members is more efficient using a checklist managed by a Leader or Helper.

QR Codes can be used by older youth members, Leaders, helpers, visitors or other unregistered attendees, etc.

How do youth members use a QR Code?

As youth members may not own mobile phones, or might not bring them to Scouting, a prefilled template is preferred. It is not necessary for youth members to bring a mobile phone to Scouting for the purpose of signing in, nor that parents sign in on their behalf as that will create unnecessary congestion.

Can we use Terrain as a record of attendance or instead of a QR code?

Terrain can be used as a replacement for manual or paper records but not as a replacement for QR codes to comply with 1 person per 2 sqm density quotient. This is because Terrain does not record contact numbers and does not easily allow other visitors to be recorded.

To achieve the record keeping requirements for 1 person per 2 sqm density quotient:

  • Provide a QR for your hall or activity
  • Leaders, visitors and other adults who are present for more than 15 minutes should check in with the QR code
  • Youth members who do not have a mobile phone can be recorded on paper or Terrain

How do we register for a QR Code?

The recommended method is the Victorian Government QR Code Service

To register a QR Code for your Scout Hall:

Visit Victorian Government QR Code Service

The Group Leader should register the Scout Hall venue, using a email address or a group email address. Do not use a personal email address in case you are unable to be contacted.

Use the following details for the registration:

Business Venue Name: Formation or Hall Name
ABN: Leave blank
Business Venue / Industry: Community centres and halls
Location: Address of your hall
Primary contact: or group email address, not a personal email

You can add multiple areas or locations if necessary, but for most halls, one QR Code will be sufficient.

The QR Code printout should be placed at the entrances to your hall. You can print multiple copies of the QR Code to allow concurrent check-ins if necessary.

Can we use a third party QR Code service?

Operoo (CareMonkey) Public eForms also provides a QR Code method for completion for anyone, even those without an Operoo profile and can be used as an alternative to the Victorian Government QR Code Service.

Use of third party systems, free or commercial, are not recommended as the collection relates to information about our youth members. Third party systems have unknown data retention practices, information security and privacy compliance with Australian principles.

Can we have more than one QR Code?

If you register multiple areas, you will get a different QR Code for each area.

Can hall hirers use our QR Code?

Hall hirers can use the QR Code for the facility, or they may wish to create their own QR Code for their activity.

Should campsites use QR Codes?

QR Codes are not required for accommodation bookings. However, a QR Code allows more people to attend communal dining areas, meeting rooms and training venues etc, due to the increased density allowance.

Campsites should register a QR Code as above, and then create areas within the site for dining rooms, meeting rooms, etc. The QR Codes for specific areas should be displayed at the entrance to those areas.

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