Scout Halls

Can we open Scout Halls?

Yes, Scout halls can open for program activities and meetings.

1.5m physical distancing should be maintained where possible and 1 participant per 2 sqm  gathering limits apply.

People with a smartphone who are at the hall for longer than 15 minutes should register with the QR code. Youth members who do not have a smartphone can be registered with a QR code by their parent or recorded manually, e.g. using a checklist.

Do we need a COVID Marshall at the hall?

COVID Marshalls are not required for Scouting activities.

Can we have sleepovers at the hall?

Numbers of people in sleepovers are limited to the Victorian Government directions on private indoor gatherings. This is currently the members of one household plus 100 additional “visitors”.

The limit applies to any single indoor space within a hall, so other rooms can be used as long as there is a maximum of 1 person per 2 sqm.

How do we manage parent drop off / pick up?

There are a few key things to consider but will be up to each Group’s specific requirements:

  • Parents must be able to maintain physical distancing while waiting for drop off / pick up – you may need to identify an area where they can wait or queue up, or they may need wait in their car until close to the drop off / pick up time.
  • Drop off / pick up must take less than 15 minutes otherwise you will need to record all of the parents as being in attendance for the meeting.
  • It is important that meetings start and end punctually so that parents can time their drop off and pick up and avoid waiting unnecessarily.
  • Avoid using the same door for entrance and exit if possible – it is quicker and easier if parents come in through one door, pick up their child and the leave through a separate door.
  • Consider asking a rostered parent to arrive early and help with “crowd control” so not to put additional demands on the Leaders
  • Whatever process you use, make sure that all parents know about it in advance (and assume that some won’t have read the email!).

Some Groups are considering a recording a video so that parents are aware of the process before arriving on the first night back

Can we stand closer than 1.5m and/or remove our masks to have a photo taken?

You can stand closer than 1.5m in small groups for a short period to have a photo taken. You should avoid physical contact and it is preferable that photos are taken outdoors.

When there is mandatory mask wearing indoors, you should not remove your mask.

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