About us

Scouting is everywhere and Scouts Victoria is part of a global phenomenon!   

The numbers are staggering:

  • More than a billion young people have been through the global Scouting movement in the past 110 years.
  • There are 47 million Scouts in the world today from 155 national organisations.
  • In Victoria, we have 17,000 youth members and 5000 adult volunteers.

We’ve survived world wars and recessions and we’re still going strong through the cyber revolution. Despite distractions from devices and screens, our membership is thriving. Young people still enjoy adventure and they can escape the pressures of everyday life by exploring outdoors.    

Scouting encourages children to lead from as young as five years old. Members are allowed to make mistakes as they challenge themselves and work out how to be successful in adventures and in life. The older they become, the more responsibility they take for themselves and others.

We put the needs of young people first in a program that adapts to change.

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