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Scouting is all about education for life. Our adventurous programs teach practical life skills for every age group, and we help young people develop into strong, resilient adults who are also confident leaders.  

Our programs are so effective and valued that schools, universities and other education programs give credit for achievements made in Scouting.

 “The secret of sound education is to get each pupil to learn for themselves, instead of instructing … by driving knowledge into (a person) on a stereotyped system.”
- Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting

Learning by doing

Over the past century, more than a billion young people have been “learning by doing” through the global Scouting movement.

Instead of learning in a formal way, our members have been getting their hands dirty, independently solving problems and learning from their mistakes. We emphasise active learning for young people through adventure and challenge.  

Scouts Victoria has 19,400 youth members and 3,600 volunteer Leaders, all proving that adventure and the Scouting way are a wonderful way to learn, whatever your age.

Our commitment to youth starts at the top. Chief Commissioner Rod Byrnes vision is to continue to build on growing Scouting in Victoria, to put youth at the centre of everything we do and to drive a culture whereby we bring our best selves to scouting, every time.

Life Skills and Leadership

Employers value leadership skills and Scouting experience is a sure fire way to tick that box on your CV.

We are youth-led and adult-supported. Scouts learn the value of stepping up to lead others, whether it’s to plan their own adventures or to help those in younger age sections.

The youngest Joey Scouts probably don’t even realise that their games are geared towards problem solving, teamwork and good leadership. Older Scouts will appreciate that they are developing confidence and resilience as activities become more challenging.  

Most importantly, Scouts learn for themselves that quality leadership involves respect, collaboration and the ability to recognise other people’s strengths.

 "… Scouting provides young people with an opportunity to develop the skills they need to be resilient and deal with what life throws at them.” 
- Bear Grylls, Chief Scout of the UK

International ties

Australian Scouts are part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), which has 164 national member organisations. Its mission is to contribute to the education of young people.

World Scouting is an Associate Partner of UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and a winner of its Prize for Peace Education. UNESCO recognises Scouting as a non-formal educational organisation.

"The great thing that the Scout movement has to offer, probably better than any other organisation in the whole of Australia, is the opportunity for young people to discover their key strengths and utilise them on a regular basis. The happiest people on the planet have discovered what their core strengths are and use them every day." 
- Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, child psychologist and author

National Qualifications

Scouting has its own Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which offers a range of qualifications. Venturers, Rovers and adult Leaders can ask for their existing training to be acknowledged, and they can receive a qualification that’s recognised by employers around Australia.  

One example is the BSB20115 Certificate II in Business, which can be gained by Venturers who’ve achieved their Venturer Award plus Expeditions.

If you’re looking for national qualifications - in Business, Leadership and Management, or Outdoor and Recreation - then visit the website for SAIT, the Scouts Australia Institute of Training.

University Entry

A number of Victorian universities recognise the hard work and achievements of young people in Scouting.

Some institutions offer early entry – confirmed places, subject to passing VCE – to Venturers who can demonstrate their service to their community or achieving their Queen’s Scout Award.

For more information on this topic, please visit the University Pathways page under Venturers.

Scouts in Schools

Some Victorian schools work closely with Scouts.

A number of Victorian schools run their own Scout Groups as part of the extra-curricular program.


For further information, contact education@scoutsvictoria.com.au

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