The features of your ceremonies and the way they’re run is mostly up to the youth members in your Unit, with adult support as needed.

Ceremonies help us mark important times in Scouting and can help us to build our Unit identity and make sure the experience is focused on the young people involved. Within Scouting we use a whole range of different ceremonies; they form part of our identity as Scouts. They are also part of the symbolic framework we use to remind us of this identity.

Ceremonies have been part of Scouting since its beginning. Some aspects of our ceremonies may be traditions (like the left handshake), but on the most part ceremonies are kept contemporary by being youth-led.

Ceremonies in Scouts Australia are adaptable and changeable with this resource acting as a guide.

Our ceremonies should be meaningful and special as they’re an opportunity for us to stop and celebrate something important and special.

Ceremonies can help us:

  • Celebrate success and personal progression
  • Build unity and team morale
  • Create a sense of identity
  • Mark important events
  • Reflect
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