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How do you want to shine? Hundreds of adventures are available in modern Scouting, from high adrenaline flying and driving challenges, to stepping out in the spotlight on stage. We still have the Scouting classics, like camping, canoeing and hiking, so members can build life skills and enjoy the great outdoors. Or you can try popular modern activities like geocaching, power boating and mountain biking.

“Living indoors without fresh air quickly poisons the blood and makes people feel tired and seedy when they don't know why.” Robert Baden-Powell

Friendship and fun
Our activities provide fresh air, friendship and a healthy dose of excitement. You’ll be learning too, but you’ll be having too much fun to realise that!

A world of adventure
Dare to do new things. Adventures that demand the utmost strength, trust and teamwork can help you rise to new levels of achievement.

Challenging the mind
Exhilaration doesn’t always involve physical extremes. Challenge your mind as well as your body. Learn a new skill or overcome your fear of public speaking. Discover the power of pushing yourself.

Helping others
Experience the rewards of making a difference. You can nurture the environment or help your community. Your efforts can create a direct, positive impact.

Policy and Planning

We’re youth-led and adult supported, so our youth members are encouraged to come up with ideas and plan their activities. While fun is always the primary goal, we make sure it’s also about health, safety and common sense.

The Scouts Victoria Activities Policy has checks and balances for insurance, risk management, supervision and leaders. We want Scouts to enjoy all the activities that are commercially available to members of the public, and we want to ensure that any risk is well managed.

Adventurous Activities Calendar

For Adventurous Activity team course calendars please access the 2021 Adventurous Activities Course Calendar.

Any queries regarding Adventurous Activity courses should be referred to the State Leader for the Adventurous Activity with contact details found within the Scouts Victoria Info Book 2021.

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