Scout Hall Hire

Many Scout Halls are available for hire to the public on application.  They are a popular choice for reasonable sized community events, meetings, dance and fitness groups, martial arts classes, private gatherings and celebrations.

Our Scout Halls are often in ideal, easily accessible locations within suburbs, near parks and other recreational reserves, with functional basic amenities including kitchens and restrooms. 

While being an affordable venue option, the hire fees also assist Scout Groups to meet program costs and hall and ground maintenance expenses.

To enquire about hiring a hall, click on the button below. This form is the first step in the hall hire process and should be submitted at least two weeks prior to when the hall is required. This must be completed if you are wishing to hire a Scout Hall.

Please note 18th and 21st Birthday parties and schoolies celebrations are not permitted. Conditions apply for parties for other older children/teenage birthday. More info is below.

Due to local council requirements, hire for commercial and retail entities may not be available in every hall.

Parties for young people and commercial use

18th and 21st Birthday parties and schoolies celebrations are not permitted

Parties for other older children/teenage birthdays will only be an ‘Approved Use’ if the young person is a current member of Scouts Victoria and the function is open to a broad range of youth and adults, and has adult supervision.

We also strongly recommend registering any party at

Hire for commercial and retail entities are also not permitted.

Scout Groups

Subject to the hall and grounds being in good condition with all Essential Safety Measures in place, Scouts Victoria encourages all Scout Groups to make their halls available for community use as long as the use does not impact on Scouting and is not contrary to Scout policy or any conditions contained in the relevant Council Lease under which the Group occupies the land.  

The hire can either be a casual ‘one off’ hire or for a longer term where the hire is for dance or fitness groups, martial arts groups or for meetings and similar activities.  A different agreement is used for these types of hire and the proposed hirer is required to provide evidence of current public liability cover before the hire can commence.  Prior to agreeing to any hire of this kind, Scout Groups are required to first contact the facilities team via email to obtain the correct form.

A signed copy of the Casual Hire Agreement or longer term hire agreement must be emailed to or posted to the Victorian Scout Centre at 152 Forster Road, Mt. Waverley, 3149, prior to the hire commencing.

For a list of Victorian Scout Halls click here.
From the Group details page you'll be able to make a "Hall Hire Enquiry".

Please note, not all Scout Halls in Victoria are available for hire.


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