June Patrol Camping - Rogaine Camp - Gilwell Park

Seven Patrols participated in our 2017 June Rogaine Camp. On Saturday morning all Patrols collected tents, plus all the equipment from the Activity centre and then set up their camp utilising their campcraft skills.

After lunch, all were given a briefing by Activity Leader Carl Stemp on using a compass, how to set a bearing and orientating a map using a compass prior to doing two practise exercises. Scouts first practiced setting bearings and then a combination of estimating different distances plus taking different bearings which took them from a point on a line, then criss-crossing the line a number of times before arriving at another point on the line. The above picture shows Patrols in action with these two activities. The picture is from our June 2015 camp.

Once these exercises were completed the competition started. Each Patrol was given a topographical map showing the location of the controls for the orienteering course and set off at appropriate time intervals; punch their course cards at each control before returning. Each Patrol’s times were recorded. The last activity for Saturday was a one hour rogaine. Scouts were given a different map covering the area where the controls were located and a briefing on points and features they may encounter during the exercise. Following the briefing all Patrols set off at the same time. Each control is worth a number of points and Patrols have an hour to accumulate as many points they can in the time. Points are deducted for each minute they return after the one hour.

At the PL’s Council they decided Saturday night would be an indoor activity with Leaders demonstrating their secret communication powers! After dinner all assembled in the Storm Hut and played Detectives where chosen Scouts had to use their observation powers to identify the mystery Scout leading the others. Leaders then demonstrated, many times their special powers in identifying a spot chosen by Scouts. Scouts who felt they knew those special powers were invited to individually consult a leader to reveal the special power. Although many tried but none were able to.

Sunday was a foggy morning. Patrols were given another map covering all of Gilwell Park plus the area up to Kirth Kiln. These maps showed the location of controls and the points given to each control. Following a briefing Patrols were given two hours to achieve a maximum score. Like the one hour rogaine, points were deducted for every minute taken over the time period.

Patrols are awarded points for each of the activities over the weekend. These are totalled to determine each Patrol’s overall point score. Congratulations to all the Patrols and their Scouts for achieving the results shown in the following table.

Patrol Points Patrol Troop
27 Penguins Wirringga
23 Spec 1st Glen Iris
20 Kookaburras 1st Mansfield
18 Dingoes 2nd Prahran
16 Power Puff Girls 1st Glen Iris
15 Red Backs 1st Mansfield
12 Red Back Spiders 2nd Prahran

The Penguins were the fastest in the Orienteering course and achieved the highest score for both rogaines. The Spec Patrol were close to the Penguin in all events. Patrol Camping have a number of courses for these Rogaine camps which enable Patrols to attend future Rogaine camps to practice their skills and the possibility of breaking records previously set by other Patrols.

At the camp’s final parade Carl presented each Patrol with a certificate listing their achievements on all the activities.

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