Step your cycling skills up a gear with some of the fantastic activities offered through Scouting.

Whether you’re keen on the rush of mountain biking, or you want to know your bike better for peak performance, the Scout Cycling Team can deliver practical help and great advice.

Mountain Biking

The Mountain Biking Patrol has qualified and trainee Mountain Bike Leaders who can run courses and activities.

Our Activity Calendar includes events like ‘Come & Try Mountain Biking Days’ as well as ‘Intro’ and ‘Intermediate Mountain Bike Weekends’ to help you progress your skills.

There are also some trips and races to put those skills into practice on the trails.

Program Support

The Program Support Patrol helps groups and sections to incorporate cycling activities as a part of their regular program. This could include sample nights or advice about bike hikes.

We can also help with activities and assessors for award schemes and run ‘Bike Expedition Skills Days’ to allow you to learn the skills needed for a successful bike hike or expedition.


The Maintenance Patrol wants to make sure that bikes are safe and reliable for cycling activities. We look after the regular maintenance of equipment and we provide mechanical support for events.

Our patrol also leads skills training in bike maintenance, with regular ‘Mechanical Bike Skills’ training available for Leaders and youth members.

We have some bikes available for hire currently and are building up our fleet to be able to offer a wider array, including useful equipment too.


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